Learn about and participate in the ongoing Community Conversation about the Community Power opportunity for Harrisville here, and until we can meet again at the Mill Building. Last updated, 11/25.

Public Hearing #1 about Community Power is scheduled for Dec 10 @ 7pm

Attend by phone or Zoom. To attend in person, call the Select Board Office to check available space as seating is necessarily limited per the Governor’s announced precautions about the ongoing pandemic response through mid-Jan — masks and social distancing.

Topic 2: Electric Aggregation Plan v1.0 (Nov – Jan)


A brief overview about the Electric Aggregation Plan.


Click here for a copy of the Harrisville Community Power Electric Aggregation Plan (v1.0)

This is discussion draft for public input. It took us a while — so ask us anything!

Copies are also available at Town Hall.

Drop in for Q&A

to be announced here

And, don’t overlook: Feedback Survey #2

After reading the Electric Aggregation Plan v1.0, please click here to complete a short survey.

Topic 1: Community Power Plans (Sept – Oct 2020)


A brief overview about community power plans


All about Community Power Plans. Copies also available at Town Hall.

Drop in for Q&A with EAC

September 21 between 6:30-7:30 pm.

Feedback Survey #1 / closed

Do you think this is a good idea? Why? Please complete this short survey.

Electric Aggregation Committee

Tel: 827-3431 | eac @ harrisvillenh.org

  • Amy Roberts
  • Andrea Hodson
  • Andrew Maneval
  • Colin Kennard
  • Doug Gline
  • Ned Hulbert
  • Ryan Stone