Harrisville Recycling Center & Transfer Station

Hours of Operation:  Fridays 10 am – 5 pm  &  Saturdays 8 am – 5 pm (gates close 10 minutes before closing time to wrap up)

  • Harrisville supports trash collection and recycling services for residents and their guests
  • Stickers to access this facility are on sale at Town Hall during Town Clerk and Select Board office hours, or can be ordered onsite at the Recycle Center
  • Residents may also dispose of Household Hazardous Waste materials at the Keene facility at no charge, click here for more information and schedule

Cans & Plastics (one bin)

  • Steel & aluminum cans only
  • #1 and #2 plastics
  • Remove tops and rinse cans and plastics, and crush them as possible
  • Other plastics, plastic bags, wraps, etc. go to the trash chute

Mixed Paper (one bin)

  • Cardboard (corrugated, paperboard, paper grocery bags, etc.)
  • To optimize space in the collection bin, please flatten cardboard, ideally before arriving in line in order to keep the line moving efficiently
  • Office and computer paper, envelopes, file folders
  • Books, notebooks, phonebooks
  • Magazines, newspapers
  • Waxed cardboard, tissue paper, soiled paper goods, wallpaper, carbon paper — all to the trash chute

Glass jars and bottles (one chute)

  • Remove topis and rinse jars and bottles
  • Recycled glass is used by the Highway Department
  • See attendant to dispose of all other glass debris — ceramics, light bulbs, Pyrex, window glass, etc.
  • See attendant to dispose of brush, demo materials, metals, appliances, and other household waste

Tipping fees RC tipping fees 10.1 2019

Click here for more information from NPR on plastics and recycling

Contact Information

Randy Tarr, Jr., Coordinator
Tel: 603-827-2920

More information

Recycling Center Ordinance

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