Harrisville Recycling Center

Harrisville has mandatory recycling and asks everyone to participate in this community effort.

The following materials are accepted for recycling:

  • Co-Mingled Recycle – All in One Bin
    • Plastic containers #1 and #2 only (Note: All plastics must have a number with an arrow triangle. Please clean before discarding to avoid contamination, and please do not recycle caps.)
    • Tin & aluminum cans
    • PLEASE…No Paper Products. No Plastic Bags. No Trash.
  • Mixed Paper – All in One Bin:
    • Cardboard – Corrugated, paperboard and paper grocery bags
    • Computer and office paper, and envelopes
    • Books, phonebooks and notebooks
    • File folders
    • Newspapers and magazines
    • PLEASE FLATTEN CARDBOARD…No waxed cardboard, tissue paper, soiled paper goods, wallpaper or carbon paper.
    • PLEASE…No Plastic Materials. No Trash.
  • Glass – Glass Bottles and Jars Only
    • No ceramics. No light bulbs. No pyrex. No window glass. PLEASE REMOVE TOPS.
  • Metals

Hours of Operation:

Friday 10 am – 5 pm
Saturday 8 am – 5 pm

For detailed information about recycling, click on this link to a recent NPR story.. NPR on plastics and recycling

Contact Information

Randy Tarr, Jr., Coordinator
Tel: 603-827-2920


Recycling Center Documents

Recycling Center Ordinance

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