About Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Officer and Building Inspector works under the Select Board, which has the authority through state statutes to enforce the provisions of Town ordinances.

The Select Board in 2011 established the position of Building Inspector as provided in RSA 673:1, V, authorizing this town official to issue building permits as provided in RSA 676:11-13 certificates of occupancy as enacted pursuant to paragraph III, and to perform inspections as may be necessary to assure compliance with the building code.  The Town’s building code follows state building code relative to safety, health, fire and other conditions.

The Building Inspector receives applications, reviews construction documents and issues permits for the erection, alteration, demolition and moving of buildings and structures, inspects the premises for which such permits have been issued, and enforces compliance with the provisions of the town building code.

The town’s zoning regulations can be found in Harrisville Zoning Ordinances March 2024

The land use and building permit fee schedule effective 2023 – Land Use Application and Building Permit Fee Schedule

Click here to see the Select Board’s  ORDINANCE RELATIVE TO CODE ENFORCEMENT APRIL 2011

Building and Demolition Permits
An owner or builder must submit a 2023 Building Permit Application to the Selectboard Office.  Completed application forms and copies of construction plans and any site plans must be provided to the building inspector for further review and approval.

Driveway Permits
Applications for driveway permits  must be submitted to the Town’s Road Agent.

Work in town Historic Districts
Portions of the village of Harrisville are subject to regulation in what is effectively an overlay Zoning District, through the Town body known as the Historic District Commission.  This should not be confused with the independent and private organization know as Historic Harrisville, which controls the development of certain historic district properties through outright ownership or controlling deed covenants.

Health Officer Updates
A Message from the Health Officer – Tick and Mosquito season continues. Please read the NHDHHS Prevention Guidelines for Tick and Mosquito Diseases 2023

Tips for beating the heat: If you don’t have AC, keep doors and windows closed to lower indoor temperature; Stay hydrated; Avoid vigorous outdoor activity; Seek shelter with AC if getting uncomfortable; Call 911 if experiencing heat stroke symptoms.  Feel free to call the Town Offices with any questions. 827-3431 (ext 1)

Building Inspector

Mike Wilder
Tel: 603-827-3019

Health Officer

David Belknap, Health Officer
Tel: 603-313-3922
Mike Wilder, Deputy Health Officer

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Driveway Permit Application

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Policy on Issuance of Building Permits on Class VI and Private Roads (2015)

2015_12_15_11_34_37 Issuance of Building Permits on Class VI and Private Roads November 5 2015