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Select Board Office

Office Hours: Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m.- 3 pm; and, Friday 9 am – noon

Meeting Schedule: Unless otherwise posted, the Select Board meets at Town Hall on Thursday evenings from 7-9 pm, with the exception of the last week of the month, when it meets on Friday mornings at 9:00 am. Please call the office to be added to the agenda, which is generally posted on Monday afternoons.

Public Notice: Restoration of Involuntary Merged Lots (NH RSA 674:39-aa)

Lots or parcels that were involuntarily merged prior to September 18, 2010 by a city, town, county, village district, or any other municipality, shall at the request of the owner, be restored to their premerger status and all zoning and tax maps shall be updated to identify the premerger boundaries of said lots or parcels as recorded at the appropriate registry of deeds, provided:

No owner in the chain of title voluntarily merged his or her lots. If any owner in the chain of title voluntarily merged his or her lots, then the owner shall be estopped from requesting restoration. The municipality shall have the burden of proof to show that any previous owner voluntarily merged his or her lots.

For questions, contact Lynn Cook CNHA, Assessor for the Town of Harrisville

Selectboard Minutes & Notices

Select Board Minutes of 9-21-2023

Select Board Thursday, September 21, 2023 Meeting Minutes Select Board: Andrew Maneval, Andrea Hodson and Kathy Scott Attendees:  John and Anne Cucchi The meeting opened at 7:00 pm. Agenda, Minutes – Adding an update from [...]

September 26th, 2023|

Select Board Minutes of 9-7-2023

Select Board Tuesday, September 7, 2023 Meeting Minutes Select Board:  Andrew Maneval and Andrea Hodson.  Absent: Kathy Scott Agenda – Approved as prepared. Minutes of August 17 – The board voted to approve. Road projects [...]

September 11th, 2023|

Select Board Agenda for 9-14-2023

Select Board Thursday, September 14, 2023 7:00 pm Agenda -Agenda, minutes of 9/7 -Assessing - update from Lynn Cook on MS-1 Inventory of Property Valuation -Road projects, update (Paving projects, Eastside Road, budget) -Budget cycle/calendar [...]

September 11th, 2023|

Select Board

  • Andrew Maneval, Chair (2026)
  • Kathleen Scott (2024)
  • Andrea Hodson (2025)

Administrative Assistant – Mary Ann Noyer

Assessor – Lynn Cook

Finance Office

Telephone: 603 827 3431 x1
Fax: 603 827 2917
Mail: 705 Chesham Road, Harrisville, NH 03450

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