Harrisville Masterplan 2014

A town’s Master Plan is both a reference and a policy document. Local Planning Boards are charged by the state of New Hampshire to “set down as clearly and practically as possible the best and most appropriate future development of the [town] . . . to guide the board in [achieving] the principles of smart growth, sound planning and wise resource protection.” NH RSA 674:2.

This Master Plan is woven from many strands. Certainly there is much continuity from the community goals and objectives in the 2000 Master Plan. There is also great energy and direction from discussions at the Harrisville 2020 forum of September 2010 and its follow-up committees and meetings.

The many contacts and thoughtful discussions of the 2012 Natural and Cultural Resource Inventory (NRI) have indicated important vision concepts, as well. The goals expressed here represent thoughts and contributions of a cross-section of Harrisville residents and property owners. This Master Plan is meant to be the backbone of zoning ordinances and to provide guidance as to other regulations, and to decisions made by boards, committees and bodies of the town.

Committee Members

Ned Hulbert
Andrew Maneval
Sherry Sims
Winston Sims

Master Plan Documents

2014 Master Plan

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2000 Master Plan

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Master Plan Synopsis

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