2012 Planning Board Report

In 2012, the Planning Board had no changes in membership from the previous year.  The Board met monthly with a few additional special meetings for a site visit or discussion about topics of interest. Planning [...]

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2013 Citizen of the Year Award

For significant contributions to the quality of life and support given to the Town of Harrisville, the Harrisville Board of Selectmen have awarded the 'Citizen of the Year' to: David and Ranae O’Neil and Family [...]

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Cemetery Trustees Report for 2011

2011 was a meteorological reversal of fortune for many grounds crews including Harrisville’s Cemetery agent Meredith Pancake. The previous season the grounds were dry while in 2011 steady rains inundated the towns Cemeteries and common public areas. [...]

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2011 Harrisville Police Report

The year 2011 was another busy year for the police department with a total of 911 calls - down by 447 from 2010. These calls break down as follows: 409 miscellaneous calls (a call that requires [...]

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Planning Board Meeting Minutes

The Office of the Town Clerk is the legal repository of minutes of Town Boards and Committees.  These records are recent minutes provided as a public convenience, and may not include all available documents. Meeting minutes are available [...]

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