The Harrisville Transportation Committee operates as a committee of the Planning Board.  Founded upon training in Complete Streets and a Complete Streets Resolution adopted by the Select Board, the committee works to ensure that Harrisville’s roads are safe and accessible to all, including motorized vehicle drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

The committee focuses on appropriate signage, speed enforcement, road surface and width, and the interconnection of roads with Harrisville’s trail network.  Work includes collaborating with grant funders to augment the town’s contribution to transportation projects.  The group’s overall aim is to enhance the safety, livability and appeal of the town.

Current members of the committee are: Mary Day Mordecai, Chair; Erin Hammerstedt; Earl Horn; Ned Hulbert; Wes Tarr, Harrisville Road Agent; Harrisville Police Chief; Barbara Watkins; and Alison Weber.  

Recent work of the Transportation Committee and request for feedback:

In 2021, the Transportation Committee, through a grant from Southwest Region Planning Commission, installed two speed radar signs in town, one on Main Street and one on Route 137, north of the Hancock Road intersection. The grant also helped fund new trail signage and the production of a trail map.

The committee hopes to measure the impact of these grant-funded transportation safety improvement projects, through various means including the surveys below.  Please consider completing them and contributing to the project.

Here are the survey links:

Harrisville Trail Survey –
Harrisville Speed Survey –