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Land Use and the Zoning Board

All existing and proposed property (lots and buildings) in the Town can be characterized as ‘conforming’ or ‘non-conforming’ under current zoning ordinances. Occasionally, property owners seek to change or use property in a manner that requires an Appeal to the Zoning Board.  The Zoning Board has the power to act on a property-specific application for a Special Exception, a Variance, or an Appeal from an Administrative Decision.

The Selectboard acts as the Zoning Enforcement Officer, and may refer specific situations to the Zoning Board for resolution.

The regular meeting time for the Zoning Board is the third Wednesday of each month. Meetings of the Board are posted on the website homepage, at the Town Offices and at the Post Office.

Click here for an Application for a Zoning Board Hearing ZBA Application Form

Click here for a copy of the current Town’s Zoning Ordinances Harrisville Zoning Ordinances March 2021

Click here for the ZBA Rules of Procedure Updated 2022

Zoning Board Minutes, Notices and Other Announcments


  • Charles W. Sorenson Jr., Chair – Term expires 2025
  • Rex Baker, Vice Chair – Term expires 2025
  • Jeff Trudelle – Term expires 2023
  • Patrick Gagne – Term expires 2024
  • Andrew Maneval, Alternate – Term expires 2025
  • Hal Grant, Alternate – Term expires 2023
  • Pegg Monahan, Select Board Representative – Term expires 2023
  • Mary Ann Noyer – Recording Secretary and Alternate – Term expires 2024
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