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Fire Department

TELEPHONE: 603-827-3412

  • Wayne Derosia, Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Warden
  • David O’Neil, Deputy Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Warden
  • Kevin B Smith, Assistant Fire Chief, Forest Fire Warden
  • Russell Driscoll, Lieutenant, Deputy Fire Warden
  • Joe Breidt, Fire Captain, Deputy Fire Warden
  • Sharon Breidt, Rescue Captain

Police Department (non-emergency only)


  • Buddy Driscoll, Police Chief
  • Danna Hennessey, Lieutenant
  • Zack Beyam, Officer
  • Vira Elder, Secretary

Emergency Management Director

  • Andrew Maneval

Office of the Selectboard

TELEPHONE: 603-827-3431 x1

Town Clerk

TELEPHONE: 603-827-5546

Tax Collector

TELEPHONE: 603-827-5546 x 24


TELEPHONE: 603-827-3431

Highway Department


Recycling Center

TELEPHONE: 603-827-2920