Town Assessor: Lynn Cook, CHNA
phone:  603-827-3431 (ext 4)
By appointment

The Assessor oversees functions related to town wide property valuations. These functions include the following: inspection of new construction and property modifications; ensuring accuracy of property data per compliance with the Department of Revenue Administration (DRA); generation of twice yearly tax warrants; processing of Intents to Cut, timber and excavation warrants, current use applications, land use change tax, subdivisions, mergers, annexations, tax map updates, deed and address changes and abatements.

Property Revaluations
The town is required by the DRA to undergo statistical updates every five years to bring property values up to 100% of market value. Harrisville completed its last update in 2023.

For questions about the 2023 Revaluation, tax rates and tax bills, please refer to Information on Property Valuation, Tax Rates and Tax Bills  prepared by the Select Board.  For a comparison of 2022 property values to 2023 values, see Comparison Report of Property Values 2022 v. 2023

Public Notice:
Restoration of Involuntary Merged Lots (NH RSA 674:39-aa)
Lots or parcels that were involuntarily merged prior to September 18, 2010 by a city, town, county, village district, or any other municipality shall, at the request of the owner, be restored to their pre-merger status and all zoning and tax maps shall be updated to identify the pre-merger boundaries of said lots or parcels as recorded at the appropriate registry of deeds, provided:

  • No owner in the chain of title voluntarily merged his or her lots. If any owner in the chain of title voluntarily merged his or her lots, then the owner shall be estopped from requesting restoration. The municipality shall have the burden of proof to show that any previous owner voluntarily merged his or her lots.

For questions, contact Lynn Cook CNHA, Assessor for the Town of Harrisville