Transportation Committee (TC) Minutes of 4-18-24

Next meeting: TBD in May (will be 2 hr Complete Streets Training with SWRPC) 

Present: Mary Day Mordecai (chair), Russ Cobb, Erin Hammerstedt, Earl Horn, Ned Hulbert, Roxanne Karter, Steve LaMears (Police Chief), Kate Neary, Don Scott, Barbara Watkins

  • Welcome new TC members: Roxanne Karter, Kate Neary, Russ Cobb. TC considering bringing on one additional new member.
  • MAST – Complete Streets Questions:
  1. Complete Streets Training thru SWRPC will be given to TC members in May. Must set dates via an online poll to determine when we can all attend in May.  JB Mack of SWRPC will lead the training with colleagues.
  2. MAST grant final 2021 report was submitted to Henry Underwood, SWRPC.

SWRPC’s follow-up speed study will be done in May.  The original study incorrectly noted that the speed limit in the school area 35 but it is actually 30, so SWRPC will need to make corrections in the follow-up study.

  1. SB (Select Board) decided Town Office will take over radar data collection, assessment and coordination with TC for reports to SB. TC to follow-up with SB.
  2. TC to conduct work session to discuss best ways and queries for radar report summary (Earl, Don, Erin, Russ). g.: “what were average speeds at specific times during the day,”  or “What are traffic volumes at these times?”
  3. Plans for work on Hancock Rd. Traffic calming on Hancock Rd will involve these steps which have been approved by SB and budgeted: 1) Stripe five curves to get cars to slow down on these curves; 2) add speed limit signs – three in each direction; 3) “Share the Road” signs at each end near bridges; 4) added signs on either side of Boat Landing to alert cars to Landing; 5) Parking Signs in Boat Landing area; 6) Three feet max. vegetation cut-back from non-lake side of Hancock Rd.
  4. Earl will coordinate with Steve on the road striping, and with Wes’s approval, order signs and posts. Wes will put posts in. Plan is to get this done by June or earlier.  Brush-cutting on sides of road will be done by Wes’s road crew. TC needs to ask SB if TC has authority to ask Wes or if that is SB role (can Ned ask Wes?)
  5. Mary Day will coordinate with Jeff Grosner, Lake Assn. President, on its website announcement, on pedestrians/visitors card content and on how it cards will be handed out. g. Card content covers items like: “Walk facing traffic, single file and when cars approach, step off road”. Bikes ride with car traffic on correct side of road (not against traffic – follow same rules as cars). Slow moving traffic must yield for bikes.  Cars have 3 ft passing rule for bikes.  Bikes ride in single file, etc.”
  • Discussion of Reporting Relationships to Planning Board (PB) and Select Board:

TC will report to SB and PB on its research with other Towns in region who are participating in Complete Streets programs and discuss reporting relationships during month of May.  TC’s primary concern is to maintain its autonomy and advisory status, primarily with SB, but keeping PB in loop.

  • Other issues to prepare TC for its next steps and future agenda:
  1. SWRPC is offering 10-Yr Road Plan project submission grants. This info did not come to TC, but to others in Town.  TC to request that SWRPC post TC in future. TC sense is that it does not have the bandwidth or information apply for this grant this year.
  2. Don will send out doc to members “Complete Streets in a Rural Setting” fyi.
  3. TC has discussed having a Community Conversation to learn about specific longer-term road, pedestrian, safety concerns from Town residents. TC thinks it needs to wait until fall to plan and schedule this event. TC has to address its organizational issues first.
  4. No left turn into General Store – still an issue? And relationship to Church Alley decision – related issues?  TC will address in coming year.  Take off some ledge when taking a left out of store?  Or “Car Entering” flashing light?
  • Other Updates?

If you can attend SB meeting tomorrow, please join at 9 am for TC portion.

  • Schedule May Training. TC to send members poll for best dates for May training.