Select Board
Thursday, February 22, 2024
Meeting Minutes

Select Board:   Andrew Maneval, Andrea Hodson, Kathy Scott
Attendees:      Brian Davis, Jennifer Nye, Mike Wilder, Les LaMois, Earl Horn

At 7:00 pm, the chair called the meeting to order.

Agenda, minutes – With addition of discussion of Citizen of the Year nominations and Ned Hulbert’s correspondence on a housing conference request, the board approved the agenda. For the SB Minutes of 2/8, Andrea Hodson added to the text describing Warrant Article 10 that the proposed appropriation for the South Road Bridge engineering report would come from the Bridge Capital Reserve Fund; otherwise the SB approved the 2/8 minutes as amended.  The SB also approved the minutes of 2/15. Ms. Hodson abstained due to absence.

Code Enforcement – The board and code enforcement officer met with property owners to discuss a complaint letter. The property owners expressed frustration that someone had trespassed to take photos and noted there was no hazardous material being dumped; just a brush pile. The board thanked the owners and code enforcement officer for the update and resolution. The property owners also suggested that the area around the town highway barn should be tested due to storage there of sand and salt and the surrounding wetlands, and that the town reconsider opening the rail trail to motorized vehicles for recreational use. The board noted.

Town Meeting – The SB discussed feedback from the DRA on the draft warrant and budget. The board will double check the revenue numbers that have been uploaded. Both documents will be posted for the public by Mon. 2/26.

Correspondence and other business
-The SB agreed on the Citizen of the Year, to be announced at Town Meeting.

-Following discussion of Mr. Hulbert’s request to sponsor the attendance of a citizen and an upcoming housing conference, the SB agreed this should be brought to the Planning Board for discussion, and will further consider it next week.

-The SB signed the oath of office for Karen Castelli, Tax Collector.

-Draft SB Agenda for Thurs 2/29 to include Audit report from Vachon Clukay; Housing conference attendance; Correspondence and other business

-SB meeting schedule for March: Thur 3/7; Tues 3/12 (Town Meeting); Thur 3/21; and Fri 3/29

The meeting adjourned at 8:23 pm.