Select Board
Thursday, February 15, 2024
Meeting Minutes

Select Board: Andrew Maneval and Kathy Scott.  Absent: Andrea Hodson

Attendees:     Road Agent Wes Tarr, Scott Stone, Tom Killilea, Matt Whalen, Meghan Killilea, Don Scott

The meeting opened at 7:20 pm.

Agenda, minutes of 2/8/2024 – With the addition of an item from the Planning Board and a legal update, the board approved the agenda. The board deferred review of the Budget Hearing minutes until the full board is present.

Code Enforcement – Property owners on Silver Road met with the board and Road Agent to discuss the right-of-way width, the relocation of the owners’ stone wall and the drainage on that section of Silver Road.  The Road Agent plans to replace three culverts, repair ditching and repitch/regrade the road this spring as the weather allows. The owners will move the rocks back off the right-of-way.

Warrant Articles – The board discussed introductions of Warrant Articles and also discussed supplemental information documents to be provided in the Town Report and at Town Meeting.

— The SB signed the pay warrant in the amount of $200,252.67.
— The chair signed the addendum to the 2020 MAST Grant agreement, confirming Cheshire Medical as the fiduciary administrator, replacing the Southwest Region Planning Commission.

— The board signed the Transfer Authorization for the Trustees of the Trust Funds for the contribution to the Cemetery Maintenance Trust Fund from purchases of cemetery plots.
— Regarding Mr. Cucchi’s email request for an update on “the Worden petition,” in particular on the status of SB action related to zoning ordinance Article 12.5.2., the SB reiterated its written response, sent to the Cucchis, that the SB feels the matter pertains to the ZBA and is not a matter for SB. Separately, Mr. Cucchi filed a complaint with the Housing Appeals Board on a recent ZBA decision. The HAB is proceeding as possible on the matter.

Other business
— The Road Work Committee will meet Tues 2/20 at 8:00 am at the Highway Barn.
— To the Planning Board question on why the language in the Warrant Article for Zoning Ordinance Amendments differs from the language on the actual Zoning Ballot, the board noted that the goal on the Warrant is to keep the text as simple as possible, to summarize the proposed amendments. The Official Ballot contains more complete language, and the Complete Text of Zoning Ordinance Amendments will be printed in the Town Report and is available now on the town website and at town hall.  It also will be available in each voting booth.
— At 8:34 pm, the SB moved and voted in favor pursuant to 91-A:3II to enter non-public session to discuss a matter regarding the reputation of a town official. No action was taken. At 8:40 pm, the board voted in favor to exit non-public session.

The meeting adjourned at 8:43 pm.