Transportation Committee (TC) Minutes of 1-11-24

Next meeting: 8:30 am, Thursday, February 8, 2024 

Present: Mary Day Mordecai (chair), Barbara Watkins, Earl Horn, Ned Hulbert, Don Scott, Erin Hammerstedt, Steve LaMears (Police Chief), Alison Weber

  • School radars update:
  • As of this week, radars are working in both directions. Earl and Chief LaMears worked with TrafficLogix Tech Support – and found a usable manual.  We seem to have made progress and both radars are “ok at this point,” say Earl and Steve.
  • Mary Day will speak to Kate Abbott at School about update on radars for Kate’s bi-monthly regular report to parents.

  • Final reports on 2020 and 2021 grants:
  • 2020 Grant: Final report submitted to SWRPC by Mary Day as of past week. Some further work needs to be done to clarify certain elements of performance metrics and outreach programs.  Mary Day will do follow-up with MAST with information gathered from the rest of the committee.

  • 2021 grant: TC needs to do follow-up work in the next couple of months on:
    • Performance measures:
      • SWRPC follow-up traffic study – will be done this May 2024.
      • Chesham Road motor vehicle stops: Steve to update Mary Day via email. There was a decrease in vehicle stops from 2022 to 2023.
      • School survey of parents: no active group now working on SRTS (Safe Routes to School) – not done because of school personnel changes over past 3 years (3 principals).

  • Outreach stipulated in grant proposal:
    • Articles in Common Threads
    • Social media and website
    • Community conversations
    • School communications including bi-monthly newsletter
    • Police department partnership with school regarding safe bicycling and walking
    • Continuing efforts to inform residents about driving cautiously

  • Discussion of potential new members of TC for Spring 2024

  • Updates on Church Street project – Don reported:


Project meeting Tuesday. Warrant articles for Town Meeting for the project are being agreed upon.  TC is ok with the current project plans, as long as HHI agrees to guarantee permanent pedestrian access if it takes control of Church Alley.

  • Updates on Hancock Road project:

On mowing equipment procurement or rental to clip edges of Hancock Rd to keep brush cutting and vegetation cut back: this need is covered in Town Budget for 2024.  Clearing work would probably not start until spring 2024.

  • Town Rail Trail Improvement Opportunity:


Town owns rail trail between Brown Rd and Harrisville Depot. Connects center of Town with Chesham and ties school to Town Center.  Needs erosion repair work to be passable – not used a lot now due to poor state of access.  Funding plans are currently being pursued.

Of interest to TC as safe way to travel off roads.  Almost all trails feed into this rail trail.

  • Should TC sponsor annual meeting with bikers, walkers, etc. to understand needs in Town we may be missing?

This question occasioned several different comments, which TC will discuss further at next meeting as part of its longer-term agenda:

  • TC needs to look at larger vision/plan for development of transportation and trails system. Bring in interested folks for a Future Search type conversation – on a Saturday?

  • People’s work schedules are different with age groups. TC meeting schedule might need to be altered if younger working people are brought in as members.

  • Do we need a base committee augmented by sub-committees of made up of those who cannot meet monthly but can do specific micro projects?