Select Board
Thursday, December 14, 2023
Meeting Minutes

Select Board: Andrew Maneval, Andrea Hodson (by zoom), Kathy Scott
Attendees: (In person) Jeff Cady, Don Scott, Ben Hoy, Penelope King, Wes Tarr, Dean Ogelby, Cathy Ogelby; (By zoom) Chip McMaster, Lida Stinchfield, Ryan Stone and Les LaMois

The meeting opened at 7:00 pm.  With Andrea Hodson attending by zoom, the chair noted all votes would necessarily be taken by roll call.

Agenda, Minutes of 12/7 – All voted in favor to approve the agenda and the December 7 meeting minutes.

Village Road Project – Following review by the Conservation Commission and the Planning Board of the draft proposal to rebuild Church and School Streets and possibly Church Alley, the board discussed the feedback as follows:

 -The Conservation Commission fully supports the plan, based on proposed improvements in storm water management.
-The Planning Board strongly recommends review of the project plans by a professional civil engineer who specializes in roads. The Road Rebuild Committee disagreed on this need based on the extensive experience of committee members, work of the surveyor, and review by the NH DOT, who raised no concerns and is ready to work with the town pending the vote at Town Meeting. The Road Agent believes the project is doable without additional review but accepts the SB’s opinion.

-The board also discussed anticipated timing and plan for project work, estimated by the Road Agent and committee to take up to 4 weeks, and to be done in sections to allow for needed access/egress during construction.

-The board will consult with legal counsel on drafting of a warrant article for Church Alley, proposing to discontinue as a town road, reclassifying as a Class B Trail, and retaining a public right of way for non-vehicular use.

-The estimated cost difference to include Church Alley in the road rebuild proposal, and continue its classification as a town road, is roughly $45,000.

-The road committee next meets in early January to consider feedback to date.

Recycling Center Committee – The board heard from Recycle Center consultant Ben Hoy on updated financials for a proposal to expand recycling operations at the transfer station and modify the facility in order to generate revenue for the town and allow for local recycling, operating with a similar budget.  Mr. Hoy shared market price trends for recyclables, ideas for organization and storage of materials, and recommendations for maximizing revenue generation. He acknowledged the proposal involves more work from the public and the town but is cleaner, more responsible and can bring in revenue the town currently does not generate.

The board and Jeff Cady shared concerns related to facility modifications, staffing and market for recyclables. Following discussion, Andrew Maneval moved to approve the concept of returning to single-source recycling and to bring to Town Meeting a Warrant Article calling for that change. Kathy Scott seconded. All voted in favor. The SB will budget accordingly, understanding the town may vote against it.

2024 Budget – The board reviewed the first cut at a proposed budget, but awaits estimates from certain vendors. The first budget hearing is Thursday, January 18.

Other business
-The board signed the intent to cut for Map 20 – Lot 2.

-The board signed the pay warrant in the amount of $1,062,537.27, which includes the county tax bill and the last installment of the year to the SAU.

-Andrew Maneval shared copies of the county’s proposed 2024 budget, presented at a public hearing. The proposed budget is fairly flat to 2023.

-Upcoming SB Meeting Agendas – On Thurs, 12/21, the board will meet with the Trails Group, and further discuss the 2024 budget and warrant article matters; On Fri, 12/29, at 9:00 am the board will hold its final meeting of the year to discuss budget encumbrances. Department Heads are invited to attend if interested or if they have any questions or year-end concerns.

The meeting adjourned at 9:25 pm.