Select Board
Thursday, December 7, 2023
Meeting Minutes

Select Board:  Andrew Maneval, Kathy Scott, Andrea Hodson

Attendees: Jeff Cady, Cathy Lovas and Don Scott

The meeting opened at 7:00 pm.

Agenda  – With additions under ‘other business’, including updates on the Recycle Center, Tax Collector and General Gov’t and Safety, as well as updates on the village road project, responses to recent correspondence, and a proposal for a portion of the town rail trail, the board approved the agenda.

Minutes of 11/14, 11/16 and 11/30 – The board approved the 3 sets of meeting minutes.

Finance – The SB reviewed with Jeff Cady year to date expended and unexpended funds, and proposals for 2024 for the general government, safety and emergency management budget lines.  Given unexpended but planned items for 2023, the board approved window purchase for the Police Dept building (pending input or concerns of the Historic District Commission or Historic Harrisville, given its historic significance), a new emergency radio given the age of the existing unit, mini-split units for the library and town hall meeting room, and portable generator for the highway.

Finance/other – Andrea Hodson will have an updated expenditure report for next week’s SB meeting.  The budget for the Recycle Center will also be discussed on 12/14.

Budget Hearing Dates – The SB confirmed that the first budget hearing on the 2024 proposed operating budget is Thursday, January 18. The second budget hearing will be Thursday, Feb 8.

Road Rebuild Committee – Kathy Scott shared revised estimates for the village road rebuild project, noting the update includes 400 linear feet of granite curbing for Church Street. The new estimate to rebuild Church and School Street is $188,133, and the revised estimate to rebuild Church and School Streets and Church Alley is $234, 201.  The board will draft warrant articles pending the final proposed plans.  The board will further discuss the plans at its regular meeting on 12/14 and will ensure neighborhood property owners are aware it’s on the agenda and are encouraged to offer input.  The town’s land use boards are also reviewing the proposal.

Trails Group – Don Scott submitted for informational purposes only a proposal from an area contractor to repair the town rail trail between lower Main Street and Brown Road. The proposal includes costs for labor, equipment and materials, the latter two being unavailable to trail volunteers.  Andrea Hodson suggested presenting the proposal and estimate to the whole Trails Group, which Mr. Scott confirmed would be done at the group’s next meeting.   Ms. Hodson also noted the possibility of available grant money.

Town Beach ordinance – The board returned to the previously discussed topic of enforcement of existing town beach ordinances, and the best way to clarify existing signage, and to raise awareness of the plan to enforce the existing ordinances through display of RC/Beach decals.  The ordinances state that town beaches and parking areas are for “Harrisville residents only,” which the SB unanimously agreed includes residents, property owners/taxpayers and their renters or guests.   The SB will ask the Beach Committees for submission of their recommendations on the needed number and placement of signs, wording for signs, and a proposed budget for signage, by Dec 21.

DOE Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant – Ms. Hodson noted meetings are under way for final review of the project elements. She is meeting with Peterborough next week to review the direct incentive program. The committee is considering expanding types of projects that could be included.  Applications that are submitted will be reviewed by BlocPower. Meetings with BlocPower also are under way to detail grant administration.

Local power generation – Eversource signed the work order to upgrade transformer; a quote for the upgrade is anticipated in 2-3 weeks and was included in the project cost. ReVision still anticipates April installation, pending transformer upgrade and interconnection.

Tax Collector – Upon receipt of the job application for the posted Tax Collector position, Andrea Hodson will schedule an interview.

Town Clerk – Cathy Lovas recommended to the SB that the board approve an increase of $.50 for one of the three motor vehicle registration fees, resulting in an increase from $2.50 to $3.00. The amount and increase are allowable by RSA and would raise an estimated $900 in additional annual revenue for the town.

Town Election Polling Hours – The SB approved the change in polling hours for town elections from the current 11:00 am to 8:00 pm to 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. The board further tasks the Town Clerk to publicize the change in advance of Town Meeting.

Other business

-Pay warrant – the board signed the pay warrant in the amount of $16,745.99.
– Andrea Hodson will respond to the taxpayer letter submitted to the board.

-The board will respond to the 91-A request from Mr. Cucchi.

-The board acknowledged receipt of the County Budget proposal. The public hearing is Mon, Dec 11.

The meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm.