Town of Harrisville Planning Board
Ordinance Review Committee
Meeting Minutes for
October 20, 2023


Member Present: Andrew Maneval, Jon Miner, Don Scott, Charlie Sorenson, Ed Tibbetts

The committee continued its review of topics that the planning board charged the committee with. We had organized them into administrative, substantive and further discussion. This was based on the timing and the possibility of completion for either March 2024 or March 2025.

Discussion shifted to three topics presented by Mr. Sorenson. The three topics were:

-9.1.6 through – setbacks in the lakeside residential district.

-29.3.4 through Conditional use permit for ADU

-30.3.1 Solar Collections systems, Table of Permitted uses – Clarity on ground mounted solar <>15 feet

The committee discussed these three at length.  For 9.1.6, we asked Mr. Sorenson and Mr. Scott to separately prepare some proposed language that we could discuss further. For 29.3.4 we determined further research and discussion was warranted. For 30.3.1 we determined that what was needed was the work ‘height’ as there was enough clarity on the square footage a solar array could be. Height was the missing aspect from the ground mounted lines in the table.

Discussion about further clarifications to the wetlands ordinance put it in the substantive list and given our timeline for March of this year likely puts it to 2025. We may discuss some changes at a future meeting.

The committee discussed and removed the following topics from the list because it did not apply or there was no issue found with the way it was written.

-Municipal Exceptions? (i.e. Town Reader Board) – sign ordinance

We tabled the following items as very broad changes that were a much larger undertaking without significant gain at this juncture.

– Consistency – between Wireless and Solar we recognize they are very different topics/requirements

Towers – Solar Vs Cell Vs Wind Alignment

Ordinance alignment throughout the document

Adjourned 5:00pm