Select Board
Tuesday, November 7, 2023
Meeting Minutes

Select Board:  Andrew Maneval, Andrea Hodson, Kathy Scott (late arrival)
Attendees:   Mike Wilder

The meeting opened at 12:00 noon. 

Agenda, minutes – The SB voted in favor to approve the agenda as drafted and to approve the meeting minutes of 10/5 and 10/20.

All States overage – Pending available ARPA funds, the SB noted the cost overrun on the paving projects may be booked to the Highway budget.

Tax rate setting – Following discussion of how much, if any, fund balance to apply towards lowering the tax impact, Andrea Hodson moved to apply $76,000 of the town’s fund balance to lower the municipal tax rate from $4.05 to $3.89. The town’s decrease, taken together with decreases by the county, and state and local education agencies, results in an overall reduction in tax rate from $18.60 to $12.56. Andrew Maneval seconded. The board voted 2-0 in favor.

Code Enforcement – Mike Wilder discussed a zoning issue with the SB. All agreed he would inspect the subject structure for safe occupancy and, pending review and approval by the ZBA, would issue a certificate of occupancy.

Agenda for upcoming SB Meeting – The board will next meet Tues 11/14 at 9:00 am with individual department heads on their 2024 budgets, and subsequently Thurs 11/16 to hear from the Recycling Center consultant and the Transportation Committee and to discuss other business as needed.

The meeting adjourned at 1:00 pm.