Select Board
Friday, October 20, 2023
Meeting Minutes

Select Board: Andrew Maneval and Kathy Scott. Absent: Andrea Hodson

The meeting opened at 9:05 am.

Agenda – The board approved the agenda but deferred a vote on minutes to its next meeting.

Road projects
– The board noted the email from Mr. Tarbox and the update from the Road Agent about Eastside Road: Boulders have been removed. The department will get to the remaining work on ditches and grading before the frost, as their schedule allows. They are clearing beaver dams at Seaver and Chesham Roads and on Sargent Camp Road.

– For South Road, the board noted that any concerns of residents about the water level of the reservoir should contact the SB office. The dam gate is open while the Howe Reservoir gate remains open.

-Village Road Work – The committee still awaits the survey from Russ Huntley. The general consensus among interested parties to the Church Street, School Street and Church Alley project leans toward repair of Church and School Streets, with the possibility of a warrant article at Town Meeting proposing that Church Alley be discontinued for vehicular use.

Cost estimates are being updated for both options, with the committee anticipating sharing a draft plan in early November. The plan will also be shared with all land use boards. Mr. Maneval supports, when all information is available, that the Transportation Committee share its recommendation.

EEAC – The Energy and Electric Aggregation Committee informed the SB that Peterborough and Harrisville were awarded funds from the DOE Energy and Conservation Block Grant, though in a lesser amount, totaling approximately $700K. Harrisville’s allocation is expected to be 15% of this. The committee will report on next steps at the October 27th SB meeting.

Code Enforcement – The board noted the response letter from the property owner’s attorney and will follow up with the building inspector and ZBA Chair.

Finance – The board signed the payroll warrant in the amount of $15,150.83 and the pay warrant in the amount of $191,216.86.

Assessing – The board signed the updated current use applications for three parcels.

Halloween confirmed for Tues 10/31 – trick or treat hours are 5-7 pm.

Speeding on Hancock Road – Property owners requested additional enforcement of the speed limit on Hancock Road, and more police presence, particularly between the intersection of Bonds Corner and the bridge near Wilderness Trail. The SB will discuss with the Police Chief.

SB Draft Agenda for Fri, 10/27 – The Department Head meeting agenda will include budget updates, and timetable and scheduling of individual meetings for 2024 budget preparation. The separate SB agenda will include: The Village Road Work project/discussion of “Plan A” and “Plan B” and general leaning of the SB; Legal update; EEAC – next steps on grant award; and an update from Cheshire EMS.

The board moved to adjourn at 10:55 am.