Town of Harrisville Planning Board
Ordinance Review Committee
Meeting Minutes for
September 29, 2023


Member Present: Andrew Maneval, Jon Miner, Don Scott

The committee has been charged with reviewing our current zoning ordinance taking into account a list of perceived issues, consulting with the, the Planning board, the ZBA and others who face challenges of interpreting our zoning.

Discussion began with committee structure for the ensuing year and beyond acknowledging that the late date may make it difficult to get everything wrapped up by March 2024, everyone agreed if need be we continue work looking to March 2025 Town Meeting.

Mr Maneval moved to make Mr. Miner chair of the committee as discussed from the Planning board. Mr. Miner accepted. Membership was discussed and while we need a few more members, the prior process was unwieldy and felt we needed to keep the committee smaller and allow for broader discussion. The committee discussed adding two more members and a couple of others who would act in a consulting capacity as they wished/were needed.

Discussion ensued on the types of edits/changes we would recommend proceed to the planning board and eventually town meeting. The two are Administrative and Substantive.

Discussion continued on deliverables in time for March 2024. Early February changes need to be final, rough draft needs to be sent and discussed at the Planning board in by at least January 2024.

Discussion moved to the master list the planning board maintains of items it feels may need to be addressed. A few more items were added to the list for further discussion. The board developed some questions for the planning board to help with the scope of some of the items on the list.

Adjourned 4:15pm