Select Board
Thursday, September 21, 2023
Meeting Minutes

Select Board: Andrew Maneval, Andrea Hodson and Kathy Scott
Attendees:  John and Anne Cucchi

The meeting opened at 7:00 pm.

Agenda, Minutes – Adding an update from the Recycle Center Committee and a recommendation for a committee appointment, the board approved the agenda. The board voted 2-0 in favor to approve the minutes of 9/14. Kathy Scott abstained due to absence.

Correspondence from John & Anne Cucchi – The board addressed two letters from the Cucchis related to their property on Loyd Lane and Dublin Road.  In light of pending litigation and advice of town counsel that communication remain between attorneys, the board deferred discussion of the August correspondence. The second letter pertains to the applicability of RSA 674:39 Five Year Exemption and the Town’s Wetland Ordinances to development of their property. The Cucchis request confirmation in writing that their land, part of their subdivision approved by the Planning Board in 2019, is exempt from these regulations pursuant to the RSA. The town ordinances were adopted at Town Meeting two years after the PB decision.

The property owners listed the substantial improvements and investments in the property and have claimed unfair targeting. The SB outlined avenues for seeking relief from the ordinances through the zoning board and noted the town’s wetland provisions are under consideration by the Ordinance Review Committee.  The SB stated it will consider the language in the RSA, particularly section II. Absent controversy about the statute’s intent, the board will consider drafting the requested letter, proposing a response sometime in the coming month.

Finance – The board discussed the draft budget calendar, which includes dates for soliciting quotes, issuing RFPs and deadlines for submission. The board signed the pay warrant in the amount of $204,864.76 and the payroll warrant in the amount of $18,850.37.

Road Work Committee – The board agreed to ask Russ Huntley to proceed with the survey for the Church Street/School Street/Church Alley project. The SB requested to hear from the Road Work Committee on Thursday, 10/26.

Recycling Committee (RCC) – The RCC met with consultant Ben Hoy, who is assessing functionality of stored equipment at the facility, as well as opportunities and financial impact of returning to expanded recycling operations. Mr. Hoy will present his recommendations to the SB at the end of October.

Friends of the Harrisville Fire Service – The Friends are considering a brush truck for the Fire Dept. Mr. Maneval noted more is to come on this.

SB office functions – The board is reviewing all current functions within the SB office to ascertain staffing needs and understand budgetary impact moving forward. Andrea Hodson and Mary Ann Noyer will report back to the board this fall.

Energy and Electric Aggregation Committee – The SB moved to approve the recommendation to name Don Kilgus to the Energy & Electric Aggregation Committee and will ask Cathy Lovas to prepare the oath of office.

Upcoming meetings/agenda topics
– Friday 9/29 agenda – Dedication of the Jay C. Jacobs Meeting Room, followed by Dept Head meeting to discuss year-to-date spending, goals for year-end and budget setting for 2024.
-Thursday 10/5 – The board will meet with the Friends of Russell Reservoir to address their questions about the reservoir, the South Road bridge, and road drainage.

The meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm.