Historic District Commission
Tuesday, September 26, 2023
Meeting Minutes

Members present: Noel Greiner, Chair; Sarah Tibbetts, Vice Chair; Kully Mindemann; Kathy Scott.  Absent: Rex Baker and Michael Price
Attendees: Erin Hammerstedt and Doug Gline

Agenda – Members approved the agenda.

Minutes of previous meeting, August 22 – Kully Mindemann moved to approve the minutes as submitted.  Sarah Tibbetts seconded. All voted in favor.

HDC #2023-10, Historic Harrisville, 50 Main Street – applying to replace roof with asphalt shingle roof, to install metal snow belt to help shed ice and to install gutters on both south and north sides. The applicant noted the proposal for gutters on two sides was an amendment in place of proposed underground drainage to shed stormwater and prevent collection of ice.

The house is marginally visible from the road. Historic Harrisville has received a grant from the NH preservation Alliance to replace the roof. During grant review, NHPA noted its preference for the alternative option of gutters to underground drainage because gutters are more easily reversible if the technique to manage ice does not work to Historic Harrisville’s satisfaction.

The last item on this application is approval to reset the house’s front granite step, installing a single black metal handrail for safety.  Erin shared photos for board review.

With no further discussion, Kathy Scott moved to approve HHI’s application for 50 Main Street to replace the roof, to install two gutters (an amendment to the original proposal for underground drainage), and to reset the front granite step, adding a metal hand rail. Sarah Tibbetts seconded. All voted in favor.

HDC #2023-11, Historic Harrisville, Harris Mill Boiler House, 6 Mill Alley – proposing to replace the oil furnace with an interior propane furnace and 2 external propane tanks. Erin Hammerstedt explained HHI’s goal of migrating to renewable energy sources and removing the oil tank from underground.  With electric heat not a good option for this particular building, which is not insulated and sits above water, HHI is opting for propane. The two tanks, each 30” in diameter and 38” high will sit on a 4’x6’ concrete pad, between the Boiler House and the Harris Mill and will be fenced in on three sides, two of them latticed. A concentric vent will be installed on the north side of the building for intake and exhaust.

Ms. Hammerstedt and Doug Gline confirmed that, rather than the initial consideration to remove the existing chimney and repair the slate roof, they decided they prefer to cap the chimney in the building interior and leave the slate roof and chimney undisturbed.

With no further discussion or questions, the HDC moved and voted unanimously in favor to approve the application as amended.

HDC #2023-12, Erin Hammerstedt, 15 Main Street – proposing to install a gutter and single downspout on the east-facing façade of the single story shed roof to minimize water accumulation in the basement. Following a brief discussion, all voted in favor to approve the project as presented.

New business
 – Kathy Scott asked the board to consider budget requirements for the coming year, as the Select Board prepares its timeline for 2024 budget preparation.

-Historic Harrisville Fall Meeting – Noel Greiner agreed to represent the HDC and provide a brief overview of this year’s HDC activity.

-Application for the October 26th HDC Meeting – The HDC will hear an application submitted by Akhil & Lee Garland, 9 Island Street, to construct a pergola above an existing deck and to construct a wood shed atop an existing concrete slab.  The public hearing, scheduled for 7:00 pm, will be preceded by a site visit at 6:30 pm at the subject property.

The meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm.