Harrisville Conservation Commission
Wednesday, September 6, 2023
Meeting Minutes

Members present: Harry Wolhandler, Ralph Zingaro, Andrew Maneval SB alternate representative. Members absent: Don Scott, Kathy Scott

Attendees: Mary Lou DiPietro, Winston Sims

Knotweed test site – The HCC discussed with property owners treating stands of knotweed on their private property as part of a fall test site. Fall is the optimal time to treat the invasive species. They reviewed the town-wide program carried out in Dublin several years ago, and the pluses and minuses of different treatments. They also referred to the State Dept of Agriculture’s publication by Doug Cygan on Best Management Practices for Knotweed Management.

The chair reiterated that discussions have taken place, and agreement granted, by the town health officer for testing in small amounts on specific targeted areas on private property. The treatment, using the organic herbicide Avenger, will be applied to two stands. Based on the results of this test, the HCC will consider treatment of other target patches on private land.

Harry Wolhandler moved that the HCC approve RZ’s purchase of a commercial glyphosate product as part of a test program. All voted in favor.

Minutes of August meeting – Members deferred a vote on the minutes to next month.

Rain Garden Follow-up – Don Scott, when he returns from vacation, will take up with the Road Agent the request for placing additional stone at the rain garden/boat ramp parking area on Harrisville Pond. The request was approved by the Select Board. The recent plantings are coming in strong.

Lily pads in Russell Reservoir – As a result of the request from a property owner about the prevalence of lily pads in the water, the HCC Chair will consult with DES and also Friends of Russell Reservoir to get their input.  The HCC noted that the concern about cyanobacteria at Silver Lake prompted a sampling, which determined it was not cyanobacteria.

Ordinance Review Committee – Noting the resuming of meetings by the ORC, Harry Wolhandler will check in with the PB about returning to membership on that committee.

The meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm.