Select Board
Tuesday, September 7, 2023
Meeting Minutes

Select Board:  Andrew Maneval and Andrea Hodson.  Absent: Kathy Scott

Agenda – Approved as prepared.

Minutes of August 17 – The board voted to approve.

Road projects update – The board noted that Tolman Pond and Piper Lane paving projects are complete. Sunset Hill is anticipated to be completed by end of September. The SB will discuss the Highway Dept schedule for Eastside Road with the Road Agent and ask him to attend 9/14, also to discuss the highway budget.

Other business – Andrew Maneval shared discussion from the Conservation Commission meeting that the HCC will test an organic herbicide to treat the Japanese knotweed on private property. After the trial and based on results, the SB will ask the HCC, its recommendations for a plan to expand treatment to other parcels in town.

Finance –The board noted that the year to date operating budget is on target.

Separately, the MS 434, Revised Estimated Revenues, is being revised for SB signature and submission to the DRA.
The SB signed the pay warrant in the amount of $23,723.81 and approved the payroll warrant.

Upcoming agenda items:
SB agenda for 9/14 will include: Road Projects update and highway budget; discussion of the 2024 budget cycle/calendar; and an update on the highway barn solar project.

SB agenda for 9/21 will include: SB office staffing; Correspondence from John Cucchi; planning for 9/29 Department Head meeting.

The board moved to adjourn at 8:45 pm.