Historic District Commission
Tuesday, August 22, 2023
Meeting Minutes

Members present: Noel Greiner, Sarah Tibbetts, Michael Price, Rex Baker, Kully Mindemann. Absent: Kathy Scott

Attendees: Chick Colony, Erin Hammerstedt, Jeff Cady, Nick Colony

The Chair called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Agenda – The board approved the agenda.

Minutes of July meeting – Members approved the minutes from July 25.

Michael Price recused himself  for the following matter:

HDC #2023-8, Michael Price, 97 Main Street (Map 30 – Lot 66) – Application to install a mini-split / heating/air-conditioning unit on the first floor, including an exterior compressor on the north side of the dwelling, to improve heating efficiency. The exterior compressor will be located against the north-facing wall and won’t be visible from the road in any season. The board acknowledged the letter of support from the abutter to the north.
Sarah Tibbetts moved to approve the application. Kully Mindemann seconded. All voted in favor.

HDC # 2023-9, Historic Harrisville and Harrisville Designs (Map 32 – Lot 42) – Applying to replace the loading dock and stairs on the north side of the 10 Kadakit Street building. Jeff Cady and Nick Colony described the need for repairs due to safety concerns and the change in industry standards and delivery vehicle sizes.  The height from the ground to the top of the loading dock will increase from 40” to 48”. The ramp length will increase to 6’ to allow for gradual approach and exit. The stairs will be constructed of either metal or cement with the goal of the modifications to serve for the long-term and to be completed by winter. Drainage needs will be reassessed once the project is under way. Erin Hammerstedt noted the modifications will preserve the defining features of the building while incorporating elements for modern use and safety.
Rex Baker moved to approve the additional height of the loading dock as well as the replacement of the stairs. Michael Price seconded. All voted in favor.

With no additional business, the meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.