Planning Board
Wednesday, August 9, 2023
Meeting Minutes

Members present: Ryan Stone Co-Chair, Courtney Cox Co-Chair, Jon Miner, Andrew Maneval Select Board Representative, Don Scott, Lisa Anderson.  Absent: Peter Thayer

Attendees: Barbara Watkins, Anne Howe, Mary Day Mordecai, Ned Hulbert

Attendance, Roles & Voting Members – Ryan Stone noted the voting members as Courtney Cox, Andrew Maneval, Jon Miner and Don Scott.

Approval of agenda – All voted in favor of approving the agenda.

Minutes of previous meeting, 7/12 – All voted in favor to approve the minutes of July 12.

Transportation Committee – Mary Day Mordecai shared highlights of traffic and pedestrian safety concerns along Hancock Road and options explored by the Transportation Committee.  Concerns stem from increased volume of traffic, with more pedestrians and cyclists and visitors to the lake in the summer months. She also shared input expressed by the police chief. Speed data is being collected by Chief LaMears, who also has agreed to increase enforcement as requested by residents and the Transportation Committee. His department also will enforce parking violations along Hancock Road, noting that parking is prohibited under town ordinances and contributes to safety concerns given the narrowness of the road and its many curves.

The Transportation Committee suggests possible road improvements, including a center line or yellow tabs only on the curved portions, clearing of brush on the non-lake side of the road, build-up of the road shoulder on the lake side, and additional signage or, at a minimum, spreading out of speed limit signs in better locations and making pedestrian signs more visible. The committee also requests a sign directing travelers to the boat ramp.  All agree that education of drivers and pedestrians, town-wide, is critical.

Master Plan ReView Steering Committee – Subcommittee update – Gwarlingo Studios has committed to delivering the draft pamphlet for this August; in the meantime, the committee plugging away at sections. Lisa Anderson will distribute the draft for all to review ahead of next month’s meeting.

Ordinance Review Committee – Jon Miner and Andrew Maneval are taking the lead with the ORC and see it as an ongoing committee, with the goal of biting off small chunks each year rather than proposing a large number of proposed ordinance amendments all at once.  Other committee members include Don Scott, Charlie Sorenson. Ryan Stone noted he is looking to have the ORC as a regular item on the agenda.

Andrew Maneval mentioned the coming together of a Conflicts of Interest Committee, spearheaded by the Select Board, to create a policy pertaining to all town boards, committees and employees. He posed the possibility of combining this effort with ordinance review work. Members of the COI committee include Mr. Maneval, Earl Horn, Courtney Cox and Charlie Sorenson.

PB Committees – Rules of Procedure – Reviewing the PB Rules of Procedure section on subcommittees, members discussed the requirement that a PB member must serve on the subcommittee. The issue was raised in light of the Transportation Committee’s current lack of a PB member representative.

Ryan Stone proposed amending the Rules of Procedure to allow a certain timeframe for a position to be filled. Following further discussion, Andrew Maneval moved to appoint Don Scott to the Transportation Committee. Courtney Cox seconded. All voted in favor.

Mr. Stone asked PB members to still consider the idea of amending the Rules of Procedure to give the PB additional options should the situation reoccur. He also asked members to offer feedback on the draft Subcommittee Guidelineshe distributed for review.

Based on his work on the topic of affordable housing, former PB member Ned Hulbert emphasized the value of volunteer work without the structure and requirements of subcommittee work. He mentioned Housing as an example of a topic that could be explored, and findings put forward, without a subcommittee being established until a specific task is outlined. Members agreed.

Applications/Check Lists Review
Lot Line Adjustment Application – Following brief discussion, Andrew Maneval moved to accept the updated application and checklist as presented. All voted in favor.  Next, the board will review the application form and checklist for a Minor Subdivision. All should review for suggested edits next month.

CIP – The PB discussed the CIP process in general and the goal of having PB involvement and the various avenues for ensuring this. Members can look at data/status of capital reserve funds now.  They also can look to the SB for projected needs to allow the PB time to provide input prior to budget season/Town Meeting. Mr. Maneval noted that clarity for the SB, prior to budget making process, as to the extent the PB wants to be involved would help.

New Business – A resident of Silver Road requested guidance on converting his garage to an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). Depending on his plan, the board noted he would need either a conditional use permit or a variance, as well as a shoreland permit from DES.  The property owner noted he will file with the appropriate board once he finalizes the details of his plan.

Education –  OPD – Monthly Webinar Series – Planning Lunches at noon (Thursdays 12:00 to 1:00 pm);


NHMA – The Right-to-Know-Law, Aug 22 12:00-1:30 – webinar

The board moved to adjourn at 9:25 pm.