Select Board
Thursday, August 3, 2023
Meeting Minutes

Select Board: Andrew Maneval, Andrea Hodson, Kathy Scott
Attendees – John Croteau, Steve Tarbox, Weston Parker

Agenda, minutes – The board approved the agenda. For the minutes of July 28, the board accepted the requested amendments from Mary Day Mordecai on the Transportation Committee item and approved the minutes as amended.

Eastside Road, drainage – The board noted the Road Agent would attend the August 10 meeting. Kathy Scott reported on her conversation with Mr. Tarr, including that the Highway Department will explore renting a hydraulic hammer to break up ledge on the east side of Eastside Road. Following discussion, the board noted it would conduct a site visit on Tuesday, August 8, at 2:00 pm with the Road Agent and interested Eastside Road property owners to discuss the status of grading and drainage and consider solutions. As available and as recommended by the Road Agent, the board and Silver Lake Association will revisit the storm water management plan and work done in or around 2006.

The culvert survey prepared by SWRPC is under review by the Highway Department, who will report any needed changes directly to SWRPC.  The Road Agent believes the staff are on target for cleaning culverts and don’t need to outsource this work.  He will consider the idea of hiring a 4th staff member.

Ash Trees along Brown Road – Resident Weston Parker shared photos of dead Ash trees along the western end of Brown Road. Following discussion and review, the board noted it will ask the Road Agent to tag the trees he deems hazardous and connect with Mr. Parker and Eversource as to the specific locations. The board further noted that, as long as the Highway Department agrees they are hazardous, the SB waives the need for a public hearing with Eversource, typically required for tree removal along a scenic road except in the event of hazardous conditions.

Conflicts of interest – The board considered candidates who may join a conflicts of interest subcommittee, to be led by Andrew Maneval, for the purpose of drafting a conflict of interests policy for town officials, volunteers and employees. The board will continue the discussion next week.

Finance – The SB signed the pay warrant in the amount of $18,428.26.

Other business
– The board acknowledged the report from the Cemetery Trustees and the cleanup by volunteers and will speak to Ranae O’Neil about the debris left from the fireworks. The board also will review the vendor contract about any specifications for cleanup.

Health Officer Appointment – The SB signed the state’s nomination form to renew the appointments of David Belknap as Health Officer and Mike Wilder as Deputy Health Officer.

Correspondence – The board acknowledged the email from Ned Hulbert related to the Regional Housing Needs Assessment and noted the topic is for deliberation by the Planning Board. Mr. Maneval will follow up with the PB and with Ned Hulbert to indicate SB support. Results of the housing assessment are anticipated in November.

DOE Block Grant – Andrea Hodson noted that the Energy & Electric Aggregation Committee will present an update to the SB next week on the status of the application components that are Harrisville related.

Agenda topics for next week – Eastside Road drainage; DOE grant; update on ReVision solar install at the highway barn; Road Work update as available; budget update; Recycle Center Committee update.

SB Meeting Calendar – August meetings: Thursday, August 10 and Thursday, August 17.  September meetings: Thursday, September 7; Thursday, September 21 and Friday, September 29.  October meetings: Thursday, October 5, Thursday, October 19 and Friday, October 27.

The meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm.