Transportation Committee (TC) Meeting Minutes, Monday, July 17, 2023

 Present: Mary Day Mordecai (chair), Barbara Watkins, Earl Horn, Erin Hammerstedt, Alison Weber, Ned Hulbert.        Absent: Steve LaMears

Next Meeting:  TBD 

1) Updates from Chair:

Mary Day spoke to the Planning Board (PB) at its meeting on 7/12/23 about several transportation issues.  The PB wants to name a TC rep.  Minutes for the past four TC meetings were submitted to the Town Website to keep the TC up to date.  Other concerns were discussed about road, parking and pedestrian issues, including Hancock Rd.   The PB also expressed a desire for Complete Streets training for its members.

2) Complete Streets Training

Ned spoke to JB Mack of SWRPC about its willingness to provide Complete Streets Training to the TC, PB, and Select Board (SB).  JB noted that SWRPC would be willing to provide such training in the fall.  He would like to know our expectations for each of these groups.  Ned promised to get back to him soon.

3) Working Agreements

TC agreed that latest TC Working Agreements version is ready to be presented and discussed with PB and SB.

4) Hancock Rd

Questions about Hancock Rd and center lines on Town Roads:  Mary Day spoke with Larry Keniston (former DOT traffic advisor to TC) about center and side lines.  He stated that they are not helpful, nor are they required on NH state roads unless traffic count is over 3,000 cars per day (our latest traffic count data totals show a maximum of 450 cars/day).

What is appropriate multi-modal behavior for Hancock Rd? Chief LaMears laid out in a recent email appropriate legal behavior for walkers and bikers on road, plus parking protocol.  We also think grey areas should be articulated, i.e. appropriate behavior for automobile drivers, as well as for walkers and bikers in situations where it may not be clear and education is needed for all players on the road.

TC raised a question that should be researched: Would a dotted white line on the lake side of the road provide more safety for walkers and bikers?

Mary Day spoke with Jeff Grosner, President of Skatutakee Lake Association, about Hancock Rd concerns.  The Association’s annual meeting is scheduled for August 5.  Should the TC and Police Chief speak to the Association about their current work?  TC thinks it should meet first with our Police Chief and then talk with the SB before deciding.

TC agreed on a few traffic calming-safety recommendations for Hancock Rd it could make to the PB, SB and Lake Association:

-Buy two speed signs with radar and solar panel power, one for each end of the road.  Each flashes when a vehicle goes over the 25 mph speed limit. (approx. cost $1000 each; perhaps one could be paid for by Town, the other by Lake Association).

-Put up more signage, possibly: 2 new speed limit signs; 2 more pedestrian signs; 2 signs warnings drivers the area is congested and going slow is a requirement.

-Paint “SLOW” reminders on the road on either side of the boat landing

5) TC will research other traffic calming approaches, e.g.,

-Consider painting a pedestrian/bike lane line on one Lake side of road (after discussion/research with Police Chief and Larry Keniston).