Transportation Committee (TC) Meeting Minutes, Thursday, June 29, 2023

 Present: Mary Day Mordecai (chair), Barbara Watkins, Earl Horn, Erin Hammerstedt, Alison Weber, Ned Hulbert. Steve LaMears
Next Meeting:  TBD 

1) Discussion of Hancock Rd – Lake Skatutakee Traffic Concerns and Possible Improvements:

TC has had talks with various individuals on Hancock Rd. who are concerned about speeding, heavier trucks, weight limit or vehicle size limits.

We have learned that Hancock DPW has a seasonal speed table available, which they would sell to us at a very low cost to us if we want it. Our Police Chief also sent TC a copy of the 2015 Engineering Study recommendations made to the Select Board.

TC discussed recommendations made in the 2015 report and additional options proposed by committee members:

  1. Double yellow centerline painted on road; not considered a good option by committee
  2. Painted speed limits or “Slow” on road
  3. New 25 mph speed limit signs (totaling 3 in each direction)
  4. At least 3 pedestrian signs going in each direction
  5. Orange cones placed in center of road: not considered to be a good idea by committee
  6. Removing overhanging brush obstructing driver sight distance
  7. Chip seal surface makes noise which helps to alert pedestrians to on-coming traffic; this has already been done
  8. Building up shoulders of road to allow safer space for pedestrians (a possibility to be discussed with road crew)
  9. An inexpensive radar speed limit sign might be considered (one at each end – $900/sign)
  10. Centerline paving flippers set in middle of road (question about possible resulting noise; we may try on an experimental basis if we can get some flippers from the DOT)
  11. Enforcement: more car stops during summer season with warnings
  12. Can Town prohibit through traffic for heavy trucks? (This needs to be researched.)

Summary of TC Discussion of possible approaches

  1. Signage: More speed limit signs: 3 in each direction; there are currently 3; boat ramp signs (2)
  2. Road Painting: Paint “SLOW” in road near boat launch
  3. Inexpensive radars – one in each direction; these would take the place of 2 speed limit signs
  4. More low-key enforcement
  5. Talks with owners of local businesses with large trucks that regularly use Hancock Road
  6. Removable chip-seal, center-line reflective markers: an experiment for S curves

Earl will develop a map to lay out specific TC proposed improvements noted above.

Once the TC has agreed upon recommendations, we will discuss with the Planning Board (7/12) before presenting to the Select Board.

TC Chair will speak with Chair of Skatutakee Lake Association to see we should hold a meeting with residents to discuss these questions either before or after meetings noted above.

2) Chesham Road Question

TC agrees with Steve’s input from the NHDOT: that SB not request a study or speed limits likely to be raised.

And SB consider bringing TC in again when a resident comes to SB with a similar issue.

3) Silver Rd/Prospect Pinch intersection is problematic – discuss at next meeting