Select Board
Thursday, June 29, 2023
Meeting Meeting

Select Board: Andrew Maneval, Andrea Hodson, Kathy Scott
Attendees: Charles Michal, Seth Kallman, Tracy Hudson, Don Scott

Agenda, Minutes – The board approved the agenda and deferred approval of minutes.

Draft letter to Cheshire County EMS – The board deferred signing the draft letter to CCEMS until all members had time to review it. It will forward to the county administrator as soon as possible. The board confirmed that the contract for ambulance service was signed.

ReVision Energy Solar Project Contract – The board discussed the process undertaken to reach the decision to select ReVision Energy for the solar project on the roof of the highway barn.

They also considered PUC rules related to expansion or modification of systems and heard questions from attendees whether, under Net Metering 2 agreements, Eversource would credit the town for excess power generated by the new array.  The board confirmed the highway barn installation will fall under Net Metering 2 until further notice.

Though some questions remain about Net Metering 2 and exact calculations for output on the new array as a result of these questions, and in response to attendees’ concerns about the board’s fiduciary responsibility to have more specific calculations in hand, Andrew Maneval and Andrea Hodson stated they were comfortable with the board’s decision to proceed based on the information it did have, and were confident that enough questions had been answered. Kathy Scott expressed concern the board should reconsider given insufficient information.

Seth Kallman requested to see the contract with Eversource outlining how the town receives credit for power that the solar array is generating. The SB will attempt to obtain this, but confirmed that the town is covered by group net metering and that ReVision, under the contract, handles the relationship with Eversource.

The board then reviewed options offered by ReVision Energy for an Operations and Maintenance plan for the array. Following a brief discussion, Andrew Maneval moved to select the premium O & M option. Andrea Hodson second. The board voted 2-0 in favor with Kathy Scott abstaining due to disagreement on the contract vote.

Separately, based on input and recommendation from Charles Michal on the load-bearing capacity of the highway barn roof, Andrea Hodson will confirm with the vendor that the proposed system weighs less than 10 PSF (pounds per square foot).

Energy & Electric Aggregation Committee (EEAC) continuance  – The board discussed whether the EEAC should continue as a committee. Kathy Scott recommended disbanding given completion of its work on the solar project. Andrew Maneval and Andrea Hodson disagreed, believing it will continue to be useful to the SB given ongoing projects of Community Power and solar.

EEAC, CPCNH and Community Power – Kathy Scott and a resident expressed concern about conflict of interest raised by two SB members serving on the board of the Community Power Coalition of NH, the non-profit power aggregator for Community Power with 30+ member towns, including Harrisville. Mr. Maneval noted he is an alternate on a committee, had intended to be taken off, and that his involvement preceded his election to the SB. He and Andrea Hodson explained the structure and mission of CPCNH and Community Power, stating there is no conflict with town business, including no personal or financial gain. Kathy Scott will consult with NHMA. Mr. Maneval will ask if his being on the governance committee that Andrea is on has the appearance of impropriety, but believes that Andrea’s decision whether or not she should vote on particular town matters should be left up to her.

Ms. Scott also opposed the presence of the EEAC/Community Power booth at Old Home Days, noting inappropriateness of using a municipal event and stage to promote this utility option. The booth will provide information on rates and on Community Power.

Telecommunications Committee – Mr. Maneval continues to work to reassemble this group. Board agrees with reviving the effort for improved cell service.

Insurance certificate for Village Dinner – The board continues to investigate the possibility of the town’s providing an insurance certificate to the Bolleruds, hosts of the Village Dinner.  The Primex policy doesn’t cite this coverage for this type of event, but it appears such a certificate was provided for past dinners on their property.

The board moved to adjourn at 8:45 pm.