Select Board
Thursday, June 8, 2023
Meeting Minutes

Select Board: Andrew Maneval, Kathy Scott, Andrea Hodson
Attendees: Emergency Management Director Jeff Cady, Code Enforcement Officer Mike Wilder, Police Chief Steve LaMears, Brian Campelia of Wilcox and Barton, and Town Clerk Cathy Lovas

Agenda – The board approved the agenda with the addition of Wilcox and Barton to discuss landfill monitoring. The board deferred discussion on the May 30 and June 1 minutes until the next meeting.

Code Enforcement – The board discussed year to date and overall building permit processes and activity with Mike Wilder. The board agreed that posting via the website and digital signboard the permit filing requirements would help remind property owners and contractors of town building and zoning regulations.  Mr. Wilder noted if repairs and alterations haven’t been permitted, typically activity is shut down until the required approvals are filed for. Following the issuance of a warning, a fine will be assessed.

Golf carts and non-car/truck vehicles on town roads – The police chief and town clerk discussed with the board the registering and licensing requirements for various categories of vehicles and their allowed or prohibited use on town roads. Vehicles must meet the required checklist of safety equipment in order to be eligible for licensing.

OnSolve/Code Red – Chief LaMears noted that the computer registration and mapping systems for emergency communications is under way.  Signup by residents is voluntary.

Old Fire Station – The board reviewed photos showing the condition of the old Fire Station building at the Harrisville Pond boat ramp, not occupiable in its current state. They heard recommendations from Jeff Cady regarding the mold assessment conducted by the Lawson Group in 2022 and Mr. Cady suggested lead and asbestos assessment also be done before a scope of work for interior work is drafted. The SB will work on assembling a buildings committee to discuss future uses and recommendations for this structure, the old highway garage and the unused structure at the Recycle Center.

Wilcox & Barton/Landfill Monitoring – Brian Campelia reviewed results of the monitoring well samples taken in April and his recommendations for the report prepared annually for DES for the town’s groundwater monitoring permit. Mr. Campelia stated the results are generally consistent with historical results and that no action is needed at this time, other than to monitor and retest next year.

Mr. Campelia did recommend that he include in the DES report the recommendation for additional surface water sampling in areas with increased presence of two compounds, though the amounts detected are still within state standards. Additional lab fees for testing would cost $135. The board agreed with this recommendation. Wilcox & Barton will send the annual report to DES and copy the SB.

Road signage on Rosemary Trail  and Sheehan Lane – The board will send a letter to property owners on Rosemary Trail and Sheehan Lane notifying them that new road signs will be installed without the designation of “private”.   Both roads are Class VI roads and thus, though privately maintained, are open to the public.

Other business – The SB acknowledged receipt of the email from Marlborough Town Administrator Ellen Smith, asking Harrisville and other area Select Boards of their interest in signing a letter Marlborough is drafting to the City of Keene and Cheshire County EMS. The intent of the letter is to request the collaboration between the two entities to provide backup ambulance service to area communities.  The SB agreed to review the letter once it is drafted.

The SB signed the pay warrant in the amount of $32,354.90.

The SB signed the MS-232, report of approved appropriations for 2023, to be uploaded to DRA.

Responses to Solar Project RFP – The SB acknowledged receipt of 5 bid proposals for the solar project from the following companies: Fergus Cullen from Bright Spot Solar (Farmington, NH), Jude Nuru from Revision Energy, Sean Fontaine from ACE Solar, Sean Carlson of 603 Solar LLC, and Gregory Blake of South Pack Solar. The Energy & Electric Aggregation Committee and the SB will analyze and assess each bid.  At next week’s SB meeting, the EEAC will make its recommendations. The SB also noted that, to the extent bidders provided what the board considers proprietary information, such information will not be made available to the public to the extent legally possible.

Agenda for June 15 – The board will meet with a representative from Rescue Inc., consider the  Marlborough Letter, and discussion the solar project proposals.

The board moved to adjourn at 9:30