Select Board
Thursday, June 1, 2023
Meeting Minutes

Select Board: Andrew Maneval, Kathy Scott, Andrea Hodson

Attendees: Fire Chief Wayne Derosia, Rescue Captain Sharon Breidt, Scott Stone, Don Scott, Donna Stone, Cindy Stone, Gus Lerandeau, Dave O’Neil, Eric Swope, Scott Oliver, Ranae O’Neil

Agenda, minutes –  The board approved the agenda. For the minutes of 5/26, Kathy Scott noted that the board had suggested Shane Long meet with the Historic District Commission about repairing the columns at the entrance to Aldworth Manor Road. Andrew Maneval requested to add to the reasons for disallowing e-bikes on the Eastview Trail “…the possible disinclination in the future of other private landowners to offer access across their land or to maintain trails thereon.”  The board approved the minutes with these changes.

Ambulance service – The board held a lengthy discussion with the Fire Chief and Rescue Captain on options for ambulance service.  Mr. Maneval shared input he received from Rescue Inc that, in addition to ambulance services, the company provides assistance with emergency shelters and other forms of rescue, such as wilderness, drone and ice.  Mr. Maneval also shared information he received from Chris Coates on the County EMS that the county is working on having their Massachusetts-licensed EMTs and paramedics secure their NH licenses. At this time there isn’t reciprocity and protocols are different.

Discussion focused on comparisons related to providers’ licensing, level of care, number of vehicles available, backup availability, cost of service and different economic models. Rescue Captain Sharon Breidt shared several concerns about contracting with the county and strongly encouraged the SB to wait to vote until a second Swanzey meeting of towns and providers so that outstanding questions could be answered before any contract is signed. She emphasized that the county was unclear and inconsistent with numbers it has provided. She also expressed concern about the long-term viability of the County EMS.

The board and fire/rescue officials also discussed the importance of the culture and value systems of EMS providers. Sharon Breidt noted the different experience and training needed for rural NH versus elsewhere. The SB noted the positive testimonials from Westmoreland about the County and input from the County employees.

The follow-up meeting of communities affected by the closing of DiLuzio’s doors is anticipated to be scheduled within the next week. Kathy Scott echoed the concern about still unanswered questions and recommended that the board wait to sign a contract. The town still has ambulance coverage in the meantime.

Andrew Maneval stated there was some degree of consensus on waiting and that the board would invite Drew Hazelton or another representative from Rescue Inc. to attend a SB meeting. The board also will attend the follow up meeting with other towns and providers as able.

Town Beach on Harrisville Pond – The board met with Beach Committee representatives to discuss lighting of the beach at night as well as to review current beach ordinances. The board also requested input from the committee on its position on parking enforcement. The town’s recycle center stickers include parking rights at the town beach.

Scott Stone discussed the light sensor donated by Eversource, which is installed and programmed to keep the light on from dusk to dawn. The light is a Pemco model, tested on Main Street across from Veterans Park and the red barn. It focuses light downward and not out, eliminating night sky intrusion. It also has fewer lumens than the prior light. Following discussion the board agreed to leave the light as is for now.

On the question of enforcement of parking and use of town beach for residents only, the board heard mixed opinions. It asked the beach committee to discuss this further and report back to the board with a recommendation. The board also asked the committee to consider the problem and safety risks of boat launching from the beach rather than the boat ramp on Prospect Street. The SB will also seek input from the Friends of Russell Reservoir about Chesham Beach on South Road. Following recommendations, the board will discuss and coordinate with the police chief on any proposed changes to the existing ordinances.

Medical plan – The board approved the renewal premiums for HealthTrust. The policy renews July 1.  Andrea Hodson will work to distribute open enrollment forms to eligible employees.

SB holiday schedule – The board members discussed dates they will be absent late summer and early September. They plan to hold 3 meetings in August and 3 in September. Confirmed dates will be posted. At this time the next department head meeting will be Friday, September 29, at 9 am.

The SB meeting dates for July are as follows: July 6, July 13, July 20 and July 28.

The draft agenda for June 8 will include: Code Enforcement review/update; Rescue Inc (hoping can attend);  Golf carts on town roads; Solar bid deadline – acknowledge/open submissions (decision to be made by 6/22); and old fire station

Other business
-The SB signed the oath of office for Ed Tibbetts for the ZBA.

-The SB signed the Intent to Cut for Map 51 – Lot 36

Meeting adjourned at 8:42 pm.