Historic District Commission
Tuesday, May 30, 2023
Meeting Minutes

HDC Members: Noel Greiner, Sarah Tibbetts, Rex Baker, Kully Mindemann, Kathy Scott, Michael Price
Attendees: Kathleen Hamon, Thomas Hamon, Jack Calhoun

The Historic District Commission met Tuesday, May 30, 2023 at 7:00 pm at town hall for a public hearing continued from May 23, 2023 due to lack of a quorum.

HDC #2023-3 – Kathleen and Thomas Hamon, 32 Main Street – The Hamons described their proposal for the following: Replace the existing wooden steps in the front of the house with granite, construct a rock veneer foundation with a door and two window inserts under the house’s front porch; and install a porch roof support and railing in the rear of the house.

The proposal to replace the wood steps with granite is due to the high maintenance required on the wood, and the fact that stone already exists on either side of the house. The Hamons stated they feel the stairs will break up the appearance of massing in the front of the property.  In discussion of railings for the steps, the HDC noted that wrought iron, comparable to railings used elsewhere in the district, may require the least maintenance. Mr. Mindemann suggested a pressure treated wood called Lifespan if the applicant preferred wood railings.

The applicant then explained the plan for an enclosed storage the area underneath the home’s front porch. Cement board would frame the pillars and would be covered with a country fieldstone veneer, comparable to existing veneer along the foundation. The Hamons aim to continue the line along the front of the house. The applicants offered to plant extra vegetation as a buffer in front, due to the height of the stone wall. They also confirmed the under-porch area is for storage only, not for living space. It would be accessed through the wood door insert. The window inserts are for ventilation.

Abutter Jack Calhoun noted that, given the rise of the hill and lawn, there is a naturally existing buffer, and that the foundation is visible but not fully visible.

Regarding the roof supporting pillar in the rear of the house, the HDC had no issues. Michael Price moved to approve. Kathy Scott seconded. All voted in favor to accept as proposed.

On replacement of the existing wood steps with granite, Kathy Scott reviewed the ten Standards for Rehabilitation, issued by the Department of the Interior. HDC members expressed no concerns. The board moved to accept replacement of the existing wood steps with granite steps at the front porch and, with a railing, required to meet code, to be constructed of either wood or steel to match other railings in the district. Michael Price seconded. All voted in favor. 

For the installation of the rock veneer around the enclosed storage area under the front porch, including the wooden door and two window inserts, the HDC moved in favor, seconded and voted unanimously to approve.

With no new business brought forward, the board moved to adjourn at 8:00 pm.