Select Board
Tuesday, May 30, 2023
Meeting Minutes

The Select Board met for a workshop on Tuesday, May 30, beginning at 9:00 am.  The topic of discussion was Select Board major projects for the coming year.

Staffing  – The board will conduct a needs analysis of Select Board office functions, considering a position of Town Administrator and the specific functions which would be incorporated within this position, such as assessing, tax collection, finance, administrative duties, and possibly code enforcement. The board will consider the relevant RSAs for the Town Administrator function.  The board also is considering hiring a Recycle Center Overseer as a part-time position. For all employees, the board will draft a performance review plan. Andrea Hodson will take on the staffing project and share recommendations by end of month.

Facilities/ Buildings – The Recycling Committee is taking stock of existing operations and evaluating potential options for the future, including the possibility of sharing any aspects of recycling/transfer operations with a neighboring town.  The committee is aiming to propose a warrant article for the 2024 Town Meeting

The board also will evaluate the Old Fire Station and Old Highway Garage, possibly establishing a buildings committee to assess opportunities for vacant buildings, whether for municipal purposes or to lease or sell. The board will invite Jeff Cady in to review the mold assessment at the old fire station.

Code Enforcement – The SB will meet with the building inspector to review approach and lines of communication in events of complaints or perceived violations. The board will also review year to date activity on building permits.

Roads and Infrastructure – The board discussed the idea of road surveying and will communicate with the PB how best to approach this idea as well as a plan for compiling an inventory of road layouts. Separately, the board will confirm with the Road Agent that the culvert mapping project is complete and has been received from SWRPC.

On the Church/School Street/Church Alley road project, the Road Work Committee will draft a description of all the project elements, the entities involved, and an estimated timeline for implementation.

Police Department – The board will invite the police chief in to share input on laws related to use of golf carts and similar vehicles on town roads, and to discuss what the SB has the authority to determine.

Regionalization – The board will plan longer term for discussion of regionalizing fire/rescue and police operations. More immediately, Andrew Maneval will take up discussion of major investments in fire/rescue equipment with the fire company.

Transportation – The SB agreed to leave leadership in this area to the Transportation Committee – e.g., on topics such as public transportation and electric vehicle charging stations.

Affordable housing- Regional discussions and efforts are underway and the board agreed that the best approach may involve some sort of public /private initiative and/or privately funded investment.

Energy- The EEAC will consider what’s next after implementation of the solar project and will depend on focus of CPCNH (Community Power Coalition of NH of which the town is a member), whether focus is power generation, energy conservation, charging stations, etc.

Telecommunications – Mr. Maneval will reach out to former broadband/cell committee members to ask who is/isn’t interested in pursuing improved cell service and emergency communications and will try to organize a group.

Agenda for upcoming meeting 6/1 – The employee medical plan renews July 1. Andrea will present premium rates for board review. The board also will discuss Ambulance service, inviting Fire personnel, Beach regulations and lighting beach at night, inviting Beach Committee.  On the 6/8 agenda, the board will include Old Home Days, scheduled for June 30 – July 2.

Other business – The board signed a pay warrant in the amount of $24,265.18; The SB approved a request from the Road Agent to repair the sand screener engine, an expense of approximately $3,500 plus delivery fee.

The meeting adjourned at 11:00 am