Historic District Commission
Tuesday, May 23, 2023
Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Noel Greiner and Rex Baker
Absent: Sarah Tibbetts, Michael Price, Kathy Scott, Kully Mindemann
Attendees: Kathleen Hamon, Tom Hamon, Leslie Voiers, Jack Calhoun, Jon Richardson

Due to lack of a quorum, Noel Greiner announced that the public hearing on the Hamon application would be rescheduled to a subsequent date. He offered the applicants the opportunity to explain the project that would be more fully presented at the public hearing.

Following a brief discussion of the elements of the proposal, the board turned to the topic of the public hearing date.  Given the 45-timetable for review, and the confirmation that the Hamon application was accepted as complete on May 3, 2023, unless the applicants agreed to an extension of the 45 days a public hearing was required to be held prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting, which would be June 27; otherwise the 45 days would expire and the application would be deemed approved without full board consideration.

Mr. Greiner asked the applicants if they would accede to the extension. The Hamons noted they preferred not to.

Following discussion, Mr. Greiner stated the meeting would continue to Tuesday, May 30, at 7:00 pm at Town Offices in order that the public hearing on the Hamon proposal could be heard. The office will notice the continuation of the meeting on the website, at the town offices and at the post office.

Members recessed at 7:30 pm, scheduled to return one week from tonight.