Transportation Committee (TC) Meeting notes, March 24, 2023

 Present: Mary Day Mordecai (chair), Barbara Watkins, Earl Horn, Erin Hammerstedt, Ned Hulbert

Absent: Alison Weber, Steve LaMears

Proposed Next Meeting:  Mar 31 or April 3,6, or 7, 2023, 8:30-10:00 am at HHI office; TBD 

1) School Speed Signs Near Radars 

Steve Lamears and Earl Horn met with Robert Hyslop of NHDOT and made recommendations on placement of additional speed signs in area. 

2) Discussion of updating Transportation Section of Master Plan

Note: The TC was asked to update the Transportation section of the Master Plan.  Following notes are from that initial discussion.  This section was revised based on the following discussion; a draft was sent out for comment following the 3/24 meeting to all TC committee members.  The final version was then sent to the Master Plan committee and was accepted.

Background Vision Intent

Why start with climate change? Start with “a community that is friendly…”

Road Design

Paragraph 2: okay.

Paragraph 2: Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan – not implemented.  Not safe.  What are current state requirements and what is happening now?

Second dot point: needs to apply also to trails

Other dot points: good but streamline

Public Transportation
… or do we mean title it “Shared Transportation” as “public” is a stretch vs. public/private town shared van, etc? Are Uber/CVTS available and just need publicizing? Or a multi-community shared transportation system? What does SWRPC know about possibility of community transportation (shared vehicle)?  Education is needed to move us toward any kind of ride sharing cooperative system.  Seniors have different needs than younger folks (many under 30s do not have licenses).

Is this section the highest priority of our Transportation Objectives?  Some of us say “yes.”   Needs more research.

Transportation Center (Park n Ride)
Idea was for a small parking lot with a few car spots and small pick-up shelter for ride sharing.  Had included an electric EV charging station.  This is not an Event Parking need.  Bike racks for ebikes (bike rental)?


  1. Consider a comprehensive Road Policy, both locally and with state assistance and cooperation, that incorporates the development of a bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly road network and more walkable neighborhoods.

Needs follow-up.

  1. Plan, fund and gradually construct sidewalks in village centers, and safe, pedestrian and bicycle paths along road sections. Thefollowing road sections should be given priority:
    • Nelson Road from Tolman Pond Road to the Chesham Road intersection
    • Chesham Road from Wells Memorial School/Brown Road to the Nelson Road intersection
    • Main Street from the Chesham/Nelson Road intersection to Skatutakee

Change to pathways instead of sidewalks.  Locations noted are correct.

  1. Examine options for traffic calming and safety features along the major roads, such as speed bumps, lower speed limits, crosswalks,pavement markings, narrower car lanes, increased overall road width to achieve wider shoulder space, wider paved shoulders, and designated bus stops (delete).

Have been working on this

  1. Actively coordinate the network of rails-to-trails pathway and other backland trails in town with Harrisville’s need for greater pedestrian facilities.

Have been working on this. Consider having Town put more money into rail trail – crushed gravel, etc.

  1. Participate in the federal Safe Routes to School Program, which provides funding for measures that encourage children to walk andride bicycles between home and school.

Still valid.  Supportive of school.

  1. Support, fund, and participate in regional initiatives to develop regional public transportation options, and work towards establishing public transportation links to Keene and Peterborough.

Still valid.

  1. Research, plan for, and ultimately purchase a site for a transportation center Ride Share Center, and develop it over time according to avariety of emerging transportation trends and needs.

Still valid.

Implementations: Status and Recommendations

  1. Establish a standing transportation committee that will be charged with coordination of all transportation-related activities, planning, and implementation of the transportation section of the Master Plan.

TC established and working past 5 years. How does TC implement Complete Streets concepts thru SB and Town Road Paving plan.  HHI needs representation. (Discuss with JB Mack idea of Complete Streets engineer: MAST)

  1. Fund a comprehensive feasibility study to take place within the next three years. Among other things, the feasibility study shouldexamine options and challenges for creating more pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly roads, and provide recommendations and cost estimates for construction and maintenance.

Not done.  Is MAST grant an approach to implementing more Complete Streets concepts?

  1. Develop and adopt, in consideration of the results of the feasibility study, a long-term implementation plan for adding safe pedestrian and bicycle paths to our roads over the next two decades.

See item above – like the study concept – further defining of concept needs to be done.  How to get Road Agent’s Team to experience the other (multi-modal) uses of roads in town.  Need Select Board’s support first to get Road Agent to pay attention.

  1. Develop, fund and maintain a capital improvement plan for financing the adopted long-­term implementation plan for building pedestrianand bicycle paths and other safety measures on the town’s roadways.

Next step after items 2. and 3. Above.

  1. Study the possible relationship between rails-to-trails pathways and/or other backland trails on the one hand, and sidewalks and bicycle paths on the other hand, to develop a comprehensive network by which pedestrians and bicyclists can get around Harrisville safely and conveniently.This will or may include: (a) acquisition of rights or property;

(b) necessary approvals; (c) cost issues regarding acquisition and maintenance; (d) rules governing uses; and (e)coordination with the Rails-to-Trails Group committee.

Have made significant progress.  Also produced Trails Map.  No acquisitions except Town bought main Rail Trail years ago.

  1. Work with the NH Department of Transportation (DOT) to implement its Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan in Harrisville. The town should insist on the safe accommodation of non-motorized users on all state roads, and seek state funding and cost sharing.

Needs research.

  1. Work with school officials to ensure participation in the Safe Routes to School Program, and coordinate with them all transportationmeasures that involve school children.

Have been working with School and are supportive of what they want to do. Wells has been involved in SRSP – not sure of current status (3 leadership Principal changes in past 5 years).

  1. Support and pursue future public ride sharing transportation options by:
  • Funding and working with the Southwest Region Planning Commission in any efforts to establish or build aregional transit system serving Harrisville;
  • Reworking school transportation to accommodate public transportation

Not feasible at this time.  Delete?

  1. Investigate the possibility of a communally-shared bicycle use program, and install racks for storing and locking bicycles at regularlyfrequented town locations.

Bike racks (upside down Us) were   obtained and are available.  Not  used much.

  1. Consider participation in and support for any emerging initiatives towards more efficient automobile use, such as ride-share, car-share,or zip-car programs.

Valid idea – no action as yet.  Still a good future idea for Red Barn as place to rent out bikes/kayaks in future?

  1. Establish and fund a Capital Improvement Program for the purchase and subsequent maintenance of a transportation center Ride Share/EV charging site.

Delete.  Streamline or integrate with other points above.

  1. Analyze relevant needs and options, identify properties that might be feasible for a transportation center, and purchase an available site  if and when it becomes available.

Delete.  Streamline or integrate with other points above.

Others not mentioned yet:

  1. a) Revise and update Town’s Road Standards in light of Town’s adoption of Complete Streets – put under item 3.
  2. b) Need ongoing coordination with Safety Committee and Police Dept on enforcement, radar use, etc.
  1. c) Some of us need to reduce our roles, once we can bring new members onto TC. Consider possible TC members (possible folks: bikers and walkers: Louie Lovas, Kim Bylancic, Tom Andrews, Victoria, Nick and Julia, Larry Haddock, et al.) –
  1. d) Is there a short Complete Streets Training orientation along with folks willing to do TC work – ask SWRPC