Select Board
Friday, March 17, 2023
Meeting Minutes

Select Board: Kathy Scott, Andrea Hodson, Pegg Monahan
Attendees: Fire Chief Wayne Derosia, Police Chief Steve LaMears, Health Officer David Belknap

At 9:00 am, upon opening the meeting, per RSA 91-A:3II the SB moved and voted unanimously in favor to enter into non-public session to discuss a personnel matter. Pegg Monahan will handle. At 9:03 am, the board voted to exit non-public session.

Winter storm debriefing – The board spoke to the Police and Fire Chiefs about key takeaways from Tuesday’s winter storm, which brought 38-40” of snow, downed wires, closed roads and power outages throughout town.  Both officials agreed the biggest issue was lack of communication, specifically cell phone communication, which prevented Emergency Officials from being able to reach each other and the Highway crew at critical times. Steve LaMears noted there is potential grant money for improved radios but emphasized the town’s need for a transmission tower.  Police and Fire also reported on conditions at Wells Memorial School, assistance provided, and discussions with Principal Kate Abbott.

On the issue of Harrisville Rescue personnel responding to calls in the southern portion of Nelson, Chief Derosia recommends a meeting of the Select Boards to discuss Fire/Mutual Aid but, in the meantime, is in a wait and see mode on # of rescue calls from Nelson that come in.

Community Power and update and discussion on Warrant Article #10 Solar Array – Andrea Hodson noted the Community Power Public Meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 3, at 7 pm at the Granite Mill, 69 Main Street, when questions about the plan options and tiers, and the launch of Community Power will be explained. By the time of the meeting, all ratepayers will have received an informational mailer, going out the last week in March.

The Community Power page on the town website has a link to the Community Power Coalition of NH (CPCNH) information, where ratepayers can opt out of Community Power or change plan options. There is also an 800 number available.

The town website’s Community Power page also includes a link to a flyer which explains the proposed Warrant Article for a solar array appropriation at a town-owned property yet to be decided upon. The Energy and Electric Aggregation Committee outlines the research that went into the proposed Warrant Article, and, in addition to the Select Board, will be on hand to address questions at Town Meeting on March 28 about the amount of the proposed appropriation, the goal for the amount of power to be generated from an array, how the RFP process will be handled, and possible locations.

The board discussed the existing solar array serving the Fire Department and Town Offices and the potential for expanding that system. The understanding is the existing system can be expanded up to a certain amount under the existing net metering agreement, after which the Town can ask the PUC and Eversource to allow for additional solar power at the existing site.

Other business and correspondence
The SB signed final time sheets for Andrea Hodson for finance coordinator responsibilities during the hiring and training of the new contracted bookkeeper.

The SB signed the MS-60A Auditors financial statement for uploading to DRA.

The board approved the meeting minutes of 3-2-2023.

The SB will meet to sign the pay warrants on Tuesday, March 21, at 3:30 pm at Town Hall. Beyond this, the SB will meet from 3-4 pm on Town Meeting Day, March 28, at Wells Memorial School, and Friday, March 31, at 9:00 am at Town Hall.

The meeting adjourned at 11:00 am.