Select Board
Thursday, January 19, 2023
Meeting Minutes

Select Board: Kathy Scott, Andrea Hodson, Pegg Monahan

Attendees:  Andrew Maneval, Don Scott, Jonathan St. Peter, Wayne Derosia, Dave O’Neil, Marcia Caswell, Scott Caswell, Sharon Breidt, Earl Horn, Cathy Lovas, Katie Hamon. Attendees via zoom: Sherry Sims, Ranae O’Neil, Donna Sprague, Deborah Abbott, Ned Hulbert, Ari Levine, Lisa Anderson, Erik Anderson

The meeting opened at 7:0 pm. 

Agenda, minutes – The board approved the agenda. Minutes were deferred to allow more time for review.

Ambulance Service proposal – Board members decided to defer final vote until the next meeting, January 27. They heard the views of Fire and Rescue officers and the Fire Chief, all of whom fully endorse selecting DiLuzio, a long-time reliable provider, up and running with consistently good response times and contracted backup in place. They feel that, since under the contract terms, the town is protected in the event of DiLuzio’s closing its doors and could shift course if necessary.  The Fire Chief also noted the department fully supports adding the County Ambulance service to the run card as an additional backup.  Andrew Maneval will review the contract and work with DiLuzio to make any needed revisions. The board expressed complete confidence in the recommendation of the Fire and Rescue Officers.

Fire Equipment emergency repairs – Chief Derosia and Deputy Chief Dave O’Neil shared quotes received for tanker repairs. Northeast Emergency Apparatus in Auburn, Maine provided a quote of $40,105, which is $15K less than the first number received, which includes cost of transporting the truck. The FD would like to go with this. The Chief noted 50% of the cost is due upon award of the work and remaining upon completion. The quote is good until Jan 31. Subsequently, the moved and voted in favor to accept the quote from Northeast Emergency Apparatus and to authorize the FD to proceed with repairs. The remaining work on brakes, tires and full service is estimated to cost $2,493.78, barring the unexpected, with the total cost estimated to be just under $52K.

Energy & Electric Aggregation Committee (EEAC) – The committee presented its findings and made its recommendation to the B on an energy vendor, who would purchase the power and manage all the administrative aspects of the program for the town. The committee hopes to launch this spring. To view the committee’s findings and recommendation to the SB, click Harrisville Community Power 1-19-2023

Committee members explained its research and analysis of the town’s options, based on the committee’s multiple meetings with brokers throughout the region . They encourage going with a “Coalition Model”, mostly for the ability for local control and the ability to leverage changing market rates. This model also offers more options to ratepayers for renewable power.

Andrew Maneval spoke to the benefits of proceeding with the first wave of towns going with CPCNH (Community Power Coalition of NH), including the Member Services Contract term and the forecasted benefits via modeling done in early Dec 2022. He shared that member towns already include Peterborough, Lebanon and Walpole and several others are expected to join.

The goal over time is to continue to put pressure on Eversource to reduce rates. Eversource will still be responsible for lines, poles and equipment. The next project is to work on local power generation to reduce/eliminate cost of distribution paid by ratepayers. Taxpayers cannot be charged for any costs of this program; ratepayers/customers will be in proportion to their power usage and associated administrative costs.

While the proposed service agreement contract has 3-year term, member towns can terminate at any time, though they would be responsible for fees incurred by other member towns because of this. Individual customers can opt out at any time with no financial consequence. Based on CPCNH’s numerous accomplishments to date, the EEAC recommended that the SB sign on as a member of CPCNH and join Wave 1.  The committee also recommended that the SB appoint Andrea Hodson to be the town’s representative to CPCNH.  The committee also noted that moving ahead with the projected timeline and contract agreements is contingent on PUC approval. The PUC has until February 7 to respond to the town’s submitted plan.

Following the discussion, and referring to the Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire (CPCNH) Cost Sharing Agreement and Member Services contract, Kathy Scott stated: Be it moved that the Harrisville Select Board authorizes the Select Board Chair to enter into the Cost Sharing Agreement and Member Services Contract with CPCNH with Andrea Hodson as authorized officer and with elections on p. 19 of the Cost Sharing Agreement being “Yes”.  Be it further moved that the Harrisville Select Board hereby approves the CPCNH Data Security and Privacy Policy and the Energy Portfolio Risk Management, Retail Rates and Financial Reserves Policy.  Pegg Monahan seconded the motion. The board voted unanimously in favor.

The board signed the agreements, but will hold them until the committee hears definitively from the PUC. The board then spoke to the committee’s excellent work over the past few years, and the long, hard journey to get to this point.

Eastside Road Closure for Broad Oak Tree RemovalThe board moved and voted unanimously in favor to approve the request from Broad Oak Tree & Shrub of Peterborough to close Eastside Road on Tuesday, January 24, and if needed on Tuesday, January 31 and Tuesday, February 6, for tree work.  All Emergency Services and the Highway Department have been consulted. The board also acknowledged the concerns expressed by a property owner about the tree removal’s effect on the shoreland buffer. The board noted that any concerns should be directed to DES and the town’s Planning Board, as current town ordinances defer to DES shoreland protection regulations on this issue.

Correspondence and other business
– Introduction letter from Exec. Councilor Cinde Warmington – The board acknowledged receipt and will schedule a visit with the new councilor following Town Meeting.

DRA Notice about 2023 Property ReValuation – The board acknowledged the notice. The DRA will schedule an informational meeting with town officials about process requirements.

-The SB signed the Current Use application for Howard Clark & Ann Clark Trust, Map 20 – Lot 87.

-SB signed the Letter of Commitment with the City of Keene for the 2023-24 Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program. The anticipated cost for the coming year is $1,400.

-Dynamic Drilling & Blasting – The board acknowledged receipt of the Certificate of Liability Insurance for the work to be done on Church and School Streets to plan for drainage upgrades and road work.

-The board signed the agreement with Crexendo for migration of copper line phones to voice over fiber at all of the town buildings.
Wilcox & Barton – Andrea Hodson will compare the W&B proposal for monitoring well testing costs with ChemServe’s quote. W&B proposes to do both reporting and groundwater testing.
-The board signed the pay warrant in the amount of $24,276.13.

Staffing – On the proposed Bookkeeping Contract, Andrea Hodson will revise the language in the termination clause but otherwise the board will proceed.  Pegg Monahan will proceed with securing the contract for services for the Cleaning position.

Calendar: The SB will hold a Department Head meeting at the start of its next regular meeting, Friday, January 27, at 9:00 am, in anticipation of the budget hearings and Town Meeting. Two budget hearings are scheduled for Thursday, February 9, at 7:30 pm and Thursday, February 16, at 7:30 pm. 

The meeting adjourned at 9:45 pm.