Select Board Meeting 
Friday, January 27, 2023, 9 am-12 pm
Draft Agenda

  • Department Heads Meeting – Discuss 2023 budget and warrant;  follow up on previous meeting; and any questions for SB
  • Ambulance Service – Update regarding contract questions, and decision; update from Fire Chief on addition to call card
  • Land Use Fees – SB consideration pursuant to NH RSA RSA 673:16, III and update on input from town’s land use boards
  • Staffing – update on Bookkeeper, Cleaning Services
  • Personnel Policies Manual – Update on overtime pay
  • Facilities
    • Wilcox & Barton: update on testing fees
    • Digital sign – update from Pegg, Jeff
    • Crexendo voice over fiber – next steps, update on reverse 911
  • Correspondence & other business
    • Discussion re citizen request to name Town Hall conference room
    • Sign off on 2023 holiday payroll schedule