Select Board
Friday, December 30, 2022
Meeting Minutes

Select Board: Andrea Hodson, Chair; Kathy Scott; Pegg Monahan
: Fire Chief Wayne Derosia, EMD and Facilities Jeff Cady, PD Officer in Charge Zach Byam, Town Clerk Cathy Lovas, Don Scott, and Adam Southwell of Crexendo Voice over IP Solutions

The meeting opened at 9:05 am.

Agenda, minutes of 12/23 – The board approved the agenda and the minutes of 12/23.

Ambulance service proposals – The board awaits details from DiLuzio and the County Ambulance Services regarding staffing and equipment and any charges for backup service. The board deferred the topic until next Thursday, January 5, at 7pm, when it will deliberate the matter with Fire Dept officials.

Fire Department Emergency Repairs to Tanker Truck – The estimated cost of repairs to the Tanker Truck is $85K. Chief Derosia, Dave O’Neil and Scott Caswell still await written quotes from the fire engine machine facilities. The SB noted its authorization to fund the repairs, but needs to ascertain the amount it can encumber and what the emergency repairs are versus required maintenance and repairs. The Chief noted the water tank and the pump are the most critical emergencies; however, he requests funding also for work on the brakes, tires and related safety equipment to lengthen the life of the vehicle and assure its safe use.

Facility maintenance– Jeff Cady shared an update on the roadside digital sign and shared some sample content. The preference is for black background with white letters. Wiring and installation on site will be done in the next couple of days. Mr. Cady asked the SB to decide on replacing the top of the sign that identifies the town, as the existing top piece from the previous signboard is damaged.  The board will add this additional work to the 2023 budget.

Security cameras have been ordered for town hall and the Fire Department and a deposit has been issued. Mr. Cady will work with Monadnock Security to coordinate timing of install.

At the recommendation of Powers Generator, Mr. Cady has asked Electrician Drew Tarr to  replace an outlet on the Fire Department generator in light of a faulty ground fault ignition.

SWRPC – Mr. Cady noted he would reach out to key department heads and town officials to recruit them for participation in the regional Hazardous Mitigation Plan Update Meeting. The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 17, @ 1pm at town offices. Separately, Mr. Cady noted that Eversource and Homeland Security both have been very supportive, responsive and communicative during the recent storms and that Homeland Security and Emergency Management have been checking in with towns to ask about any damage suffered.

Recycle Center – Repairs to the fence at the RC will be budgeted for in 2023. The damaged sections are from the 2008 ice storm/tree damage. The trailer on site will be taken care of as part of 2022 budget. The next meeting of the Recycle Center Committee is Tuesday, January 10, from 5-7 at town hall.

Police Department – An offer to the candidate for Police Chief is contingent on legal review of the appointment letter, candidate acceptance of the offer, and a background check.

Separately, the board noted that a down payment in the amount of $9,615 for the new cruiser will be posted tomorrow with the balance of the funds to come from the Equipment Purchase Grant received in the summer of 2022.

Road Committee – At the first meeting of the Road Work Committee at which committee member Seth Kallman was not present, the committee recommended, based on Mr. Kallman’s experience, expertise and work in the past on the area of Church Hill Road, that Kallman Creek Corp conduct a lidar survey.  Such a survey would assist the committee with underground ledge conditions and drainage pipe information, necessary for the planning of road work and drainage improvements proposed for 2023-24 along Church Street, School Street and Church Alley.

Following discussion and consideration of the proposal by Kallman Creek, the board moved to accept the proposal and encumber funds in the amount of $2,000 for surveillance of topography and location of existing utilities for preparation of an existing conditions plan as recommended by the Road Work Committee.  All voted in favor.  The Road Work Committee will present the proposal for 2023 budget purposes.

The next meeting of the Road Work Committee is January  10 at 7:30 am at Highway Garage pending completion of the next phase of its work. The Chair noted she would inform the Transportation Committee in light of the Complete Streets Resolution adopted by the board.

Finance – The board signed the pay and payroll warrants. The board also signed the Trustee of the Trust Fund Authorization to Transfer $9,614.41 from the Police Equipment Capital Reserve Fund to the town’s operating budget, for the new police cruiser.

2022 Budget – The board noted that encumbrances for the 2022 Budget total $184,444.00 and include expenses for water treatment at the town offices and fire department, emergency Fire Department vehicle repairs, security cameras, and administrative payroll.

The board noted the Treasurer’s approval to pay Andrea Hodson for Finance Coordinator duties filled while the position remains unfilled.  The board is interviewing candidates.

E-bikes – Kathy Scott noted RSA 265:144-a, I-IX which outlines state regulations regarding the use of e-bikes on public property and which categorizes e-bikes as bicycles. As the SB is authorized to do so and as e-bikes become more widely used, Kathy Scott requested that the town consider adopting an ordinance based on the RSA to allow e-bike use on town roads and town-owned trails.

Phone Equipment and Voice over IP Proposal – The SB heard a proposal from Crexendo, a company that provides voice over internet solutions. In light of the town’s older phone infrastructure and equipment, the recent installation of fiber at town facilities, and the potential for considerable savings, the board is considering migrating the phone systems to voice over internet versus phone over traditional copper lines. Crexendo will submit a detailed proposal with pricing for the board’s consideration.

The meeting adjourned at 1:45 pm.