Select Board
Thursday, December 15, 2022
Meeting Minutes

Select Board: Andrea Hodson, Kathy Scott, Pegg Monahan

Attendees: Cheshire County Ambulance – Chris Coates, County Administrator, Cheshire County Fire Commissioner Jack Wozmak, Cheshire EMS Chief Michael Spain, Harrisville Fire Chief Wayne Derosia, Andrew Maneval, Julie Lord, Scott Caswell, Marcia Caswell, Sharon Breidt, Joe Breidt, Ranae O’Neil, David O’Neil, Emmi Haddock, Cindra Zingaro, Barbara Watkins, Jeff Cady

Cheshire County Ambulance Service Proposal – Representatives from Cheshire EMS discussed their proposal to offer service to the town. As of November 14, the County opened its facility on Route 12 in Swanzey and has 30 employees, including 14 medics, 3 ambulances with another 4 in the works, and a fully equipped “fly car” ready to respond. Currently the county offers interfacility transfers, and continues to hire, while reaching out to towns in the area to discuss how it can serve them and work toward establishing service hubs in the region.  The County’s goal is to add to the mix of current EMS providers, not to displace them or hire their employees.

The County requested to be put on the town’s “run card” as a possible responder, if the EMS providers the town currently relies on are not available. They understand if the town’s existing contract with DiLuzio is working, then it would make sense to continue with them, but they are dedicated to supporting the town any way they can. Occasional backup at this time would be no cost to the town but any dedicated service on an on-call basis would necessitate a more formal agreement.  The proposed 3-year contract presented to the board includes a cost of $12,332) in the first year, $17,638 in year 2 and $21,460 in year 3.  County EMS officials offered to meet again with the board and Fire Department in another month or two to discuss updates on the services available.

Fire Department Tanker Repair – The Fire Chief updated the board that repair quotes came in at $15K more than initially anticipated. The department is obtaining additional quotes this week. Separately, Andrew Maneval will forward information about a FEMA grant, though the opportunity is a longshot and completion of the application by the Fire Dept would require outside assistance.

Agenda, Minutes – The board approved the agenda and the minutes for 12/1 and 12/8.

Community / Village Dinner –  Village Dinner Committee Representatives Cindra Zingaro, Emmi Haddock and Marcia Caswell shared with the board the 13-member committee’s plan for a Community Dinner on Bollerud Field at the top of Prospect Street, Saturday, July 29, 2023. The dinner is a once a decade event.  The committee estimates 500 will attend.

In an effort to make the occasion affordable to ensure the widest participation possible, the committee requested a donation of $4,000 from the town. The allocation would come out of the 2023 Budget, currently under development. Noting its support of the idea, the board will consider the contribution request during the 2023 budget review process.

Trails Group – Barbara Watkins noted the Harris Center has agreed to allow the landowners along the Eastview Trail to post signs on the Harris Center portion of the trail prohibiting e-bikes. The Town has an easement over the landowner’s property and this also would be subject to the same restriction. Ms. Watkins noted the Trails Group’s commitment to respecting all landowners who so generously share access over their land along many trails in town.

Staffing update – The board continued its discussion about the best approach to backfilling the finance coordinator position, and managing bookkeeping and payroll responsibilities. The board will schedule interviews for two candidates for 12/27. Pegg Monahan also will reach out to cleaning service candidates.

Fire Department phone issue – Monadnock Security and Consolidated will troubleshoot together next Tuesday morning at 8:30.

Water quality at town offices and FD – Dan Waterman is evaluating the water system at the FD and town offices and will make a recommendation for board consideration. Mr. Cady stated he anticipates hearing back early next week.

Recycle Center Committee – The committee is considering budget recommendations for 2023 priorities and will provide them to the board.

Highway Department – The SB has requested a quote for outsourcing plowing of a road too narrow for the town plows to pass.

Finance – The SB signed the pay warrant in the amount of $930,816.27, which included payment of county taxes, and the payroll warrant in the amount of $22,191.73.

Assessing – The SB signed the land use change tax for Map 21 – Lot 5 and the Equalization Assessment Certificate for uploading to the DRA.

Code Enforcement – Certified letters were sent by the Building Inspector to two property owners notifying them of potential code violations for activity that requires zoning review.

The meeting adjourned at 9:45 pm.