Recycling Center Committee (RCC), Town Hall; Harrisville, NH; 11-01-2022, 5pm-7:00 pm

Members present:, Kathy Scott, Courtney Cox, Connie White, Penny King, missing: members Diana Shonk, Pegg Monahan

Agenda:                                                                                                                                                                          Approve Meeting minutes 10-11-2022

Update on poster/Sandwich frame set up by Courtney Cox: continuing to work on. Set up date Spring 2023

Further review of Budget: Kathy met with Jeff Cady: Jeff will send Kathy full list for potential repairs and updates to RC. Plan to review list items next scheduled RCC meeting for recommendation to Select Board for 2023 Budget regarding upkeep of RC for 2023 Budget.

Community Conversation/discussion of:  upcoming Community Conversation 11-15-2022: Kathy, Penny, Connie, and Courtney to present. Reviewed presentations, Courtney to have slides to Ned Hulbert by 11-05-2022. All will have bibliography to Connie White to compile, Kathy to print at Town Hall for public at Community Conversation

Connie White reported on conversation with Bonnie Bethune, Community Liaison from NRRA regarding NH communities using Single-resource-recycling for upcoming fieldtrips by RCC. Plan for Connie, Penny, possibly Courtney, Kathy if able, to attend Field Trips to Guilford, Bradford NH. Connie to contact Wilton NH regarding multi-town Recycling Center in Wilton: regarding contract and procedures for Harrisville.

Further discussion RCC meeting at MDS: Penny to call Matt Beard, CO MDS regarding potential contacts for recycling #5 plastics. Conny to compile notes from MDS and other source information for next meeting

Hand out 2017-2022 expense: discussion initiated, addition of revenue 2017-2022 RC sent to all members for; copies to be available at Community Conversation for public review. Current budget reflects costs to town increase, while recycling revenues have significantly decreased.

Proposed Agenda next meeting: 5-7 pm Tuesday December 13, 2022:

Pegg to contact Mary Lou Di Pietro and request how Styrofoam recycling is going. Pegg also to contact Rotary Clubs, Guilford, NH RC regarding recycling program; Community Conversation date to be set up.

Finalize list for Select Board regarding upkeep and current use at Willard Hill Transfer Station for Budget 2023

f/up from Field Trips to local RCs in area, including information on Wilton multi-town Recycling Center, Bradford, and possibly Guilford NH Recycling programs.

f/ up information from Community Conversation information