Select Board Meeting Thursday 20 October 2022, Minutes (DRAFT)

Attending: Select Board members Andrea Hodson, Kathy Scott, Pegg Monahan; David Belknap (Health Officer) and Jeff Cady (EMD & Safety Director); Members of the public Connie and Max Boyd

Agenda. The chair called the meeting to order at 7:05pm, and the Board voted to approve the agenda as drafted and amended to add the water quality case and financial coordinator search topics.

Minutes. The Board voted to approve the 10/13 meeting minutes as drafted.

Water quality at Town Hall / Fire Department. David Belknap (Health Officer) and Jeff Cady (EMD & Safety Director) reported on water test (collected 10/7) results. The Board agreed with their recommendation to follow up with Nelson Lab for an analysis and the NH DES as appropriate. They will notify the Fire Chief not to use the water for the lobster fest planned for the weekend. Jeff will follow up on the filter system installed at the FD.

Policing operations. The Board confirmed the meeting w/Marlborough Select Board scheduled for 10/21 at 9:30am at which Police Chief McTague will present the Temple-Greenville shared policing model. The Board also noted: the 10/7 minutes for the first meeting with the Marlborough Board; the model contract is unchanged since inception; and the potential budget savings to the town of ~$20,000. Whereas the Town of Dublin deferred participation at this juncture, it had informally expressed interest in what Harrisville is doing relative to the Recycle – Transfer Center review.

Recycle – Transfer Station operations. Kathy noted a 10/29 planning meeting for the Community Conversation scheduled for 7pm on November 15 at the Mill.

Fuel supply & property revaluation proposals. The Board reviewed fuel supply proposals received from several suppliers, voting to accept the pricing presented by Dead River for oil, propane, and diesel supply as most favorable provided the pricing is complete and there is no change in pricing. Mary Ann Noyer (Admin Assistant) will follow up. Per Lynn Cook (Assessor), all proposals will be reviewed by November 1 and her recommendation forthcoming at the Board’s next meeting, November 3.

Digital Billboard. Pegg will follow up with the vendor’s sales representative for an order agreement and for the installation instructions requested by Jeff for review at the next Board meeting.

Main Street no-turn signage. Pegg will follow up with the State’s traffic office to know if it would be possible to combine the no-turn signage with the boat-ramp sign (visible on the approach to the General Store from the east).

HHI Incorporators’ Meeting (10/22). Kathy (SB liaison) will present the Select Board’s project updates.

Ambulance Service: Andrea reported on a status update from the County operation, and will schedule Diluzio and the County for proposal presentations late-November, early-December. Update from County included the appointment of Michael Spain as Cheshire EMS Chief in August. Spain brings 48 years of fire experience including 26 years in Fire Chief positions. She was also informed about a $200k grant to provide training, the County team will be in touch with Fire Chiefs whether and how they can meet their training needs.

Pay and payroll warrants. The Board approved the pay warrant ($161,640.30) and payroll warrant ($15,331.30).

Correspondence. The Board noted the Primex Renewal Package for property insurance (up 9%), unemployment insurance (no change), and workers compensation (down 7.8%).

Finance Coordinator search. Pegg presented a roster of nominees, observing that the job description may need to be recast to bookkeeping. The Board agreed to review the job description.

Board maintenance. Kathy requested draft agendas for Select Board meetings before adjourning meetings (instead of the preceding Monday). Pegg requested more clarity on project assignments. Andrea requested the Board start meetings on time. The Board resolved to follow through on all points.

Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 10:40 pm.