Transportation Committee (TC) Meeting Minutes, October 13, 2022

Present: Mary Day Mordecai (chair), Barbara Watkins, Earl Horn, Erin Hammerstedt, Ned Hulbert, Alison Weber.

 Next Meeting:  Thursday, November 17, 2022.   8:30-10:00 am at HHI office

 Recent TC meetings: Our Tuesday, October 11, Library meeting was an interesting conversation on past TC actions and current challenges. Mary Day will write it up, to meet one of the grant requirements.

– TC also met (Mary Day and Ned) with Select Board (SB) at its October 6 meeting.  SB approved up to $4,000 for the added costs of school radar installations.  SB hopes that the TC might receive donations from the school and SWRPC (through MAST) to reduce the Town’s contribution.  (Mary Day will seek donations.) 

2)    TC reviewed a list of actions required to complete school radar installations:

– Email to Harrisville Church that SB has accepted TC proposal for solar installation
and cutting at Chesham Church parking area. (Earl)

– Letters (3) to residents nearest North approach to inform them of installation and tree cutting to occur. (Earl/Mary Day)

– Letter of appreciation to EZCrete  (Ned/Mary Day)

– Complete shipping of speed radar and solar panel to TrafficLogix (Ned, Earl)

    – Retrieve boxed items from Copies-N-More
– Send dimensions and weights to TrafficLogix and request shipping labels

    – Email radar pics to TrafficLogix prior to shipping; call vendor to confirm all details prior to shipping

– Schedule tree cutting with Swift Tree, LLC – note $1500 is Town’s offer.  Coordinate with Doug Walker

      to be on site with solar tracker during cutting. (Earl)

– Keep Wes Tarr and Jeff Cady up to date on cutting schedule so that Town crew can schedule and install

concrete piers and posts ASAP. (Earl)

– Coordinate use of lift with Jeff Trudelle for radar unit installations. (Earl, Jeff Cady)

– Install North radar unit on pole. (Jeff Cady)

– Schedule Eversource and electrician to complete installation of North unit. (Ned)

   – Ned contacts Tim Robinson of Eversource to schedule pole prep/power-up date after radar shipped.

   – Ned contacts Tattersall to schedule putting in AC radar unit (before unit is returned to Town.)

   – Follow-up with Tim to ensure Eversource and Tattersall meet requirements for in-ground operation.

       – Install South radar unit after it’s returned. (Jeff Cady)  (Question: Is an electrical ground necessary for

    the solar unit?  Contact Mark at TrafficLogix for answer: Ned)

       -Coordinate dates/times for beacon operation with WMS principal, Kate A. (Ned, Earl, new police staff).

– Program software for speed radar response to vehicles.  (Ned, Earl, school, and/or new police staff)

– Pursue contributions from SWRPC and Harrisville School District to cover additional costs. (Mary Day) 

3) Agenda for November 17 meeting: review work of past two years and consider priorities for 2023.