Tuesday, September 27, 2022
Meeting Minutes

The Historic District Commission met Tuesday, September 27, 2022 as follows:

6:30 pm – HDC # 2022-6, Site visit at the home of Gretchen Thompson, 93 Main Street

Attending: HDC Members Noel Greiner, Chair, Sarah Tibbetts, Rex Baker, Kully Mindemann, Doug Walker, Michael Price, and Kathy Scott, and Historic Harrisville Executive Director Erin Hammerstedt, and applicant Gretchen Thompson.

Members met to view the existing conditions and location for the proposed installation of French doors off the kitchen on the north facing façade, and a proposed pent roof above the French doors to manage storm water runoff. The applicant filed an application for approval of the HDC and for environmental review from Historic Harrisville, given the historic covenants on the property.

HDC members noted the need for drainage improvements and viewed the door model being proposed. The applicant noted that due to the proximity of the foundation and corner of the structure to the kitchen doors, it may be the case that the French door panel closest to this corner would be fixed and only the second panel would open.

As Historic Harrisville approved the proposed doors but deferred a decision on the proposed pent roof due to insufficient detail, the applicant and HDC discussed different options for the roof. The applicant stated she is working on a redesign and will get back to Historic Harrisville and the HDC with drawings with proposed depth, scale and measurements when ready, likely in the spring of 2023. All noted that the location of the proposed roof cover is shielded from Main Street and the public view due to slope and vegetation.

Attendees proceeded to town offices for further discussion and additional meeting business.

Attending: HDC Members Noel Greiner, Chair, Sarah Tibbetts, Rex Baker, Kully Mindemann, Doug Walker, Michael Price, and Kathy Scott and Historic Harrisville Executive Director Erin Hammerstedt, and Island Street residents Jon Richardson and Akhil Garland.

The chair opened the meeting at 7:04 pm.

Agenda and meeting minutes – All voted in favor to approve the agenda and August 23 minutes.

HDC #2022-6 – Gretchen Thompson, 93 Main Street (Map 30 – Lot 67) – The HDC returned to the matter of water drainage in the section of the house where the French doors are proposed, but acknowledged that this aspect was not the purview of the board and that the applicant agreed the issue should be addressed as soon as possible. Ms. Hammerstedt noted that Historic Harrisville will likely review the revised roof proposal as part of the bigger picture of considering a solution to the drainage issue. She confirmed that the French doors, as proposed by the applicant, have been approved by HHI, including the idea of the right door panel remaining fixed.  With no further discussion or concerns raised,

Motion: Kathy Scott moved that the HDC defer decision on the pent roof until the applicant submits a scaled drawing and makes her final decision on exact design. Further, the HDC approves installation of French doors, with 15 true divided lights, off the kitchen to the patio, as part of the homeowner’s plan to manage drainage. If the property owner needs to go to smaller scale doors and/or different doors, HDC would require that they be insulated and include 15 divided lights. Michael Price seconded. All voted in favor.

HDC #2022-5 – Akhil & Lee Garland, 9 Island Street (Map 32 – Lot 24) – The board continued the public hearing on the portion of this application related to a proposed sliding door and balcony on the west-facing façade of the barn.

Mr. Garland stated that, following pushback from the HDC, HHI and the public, the proposal was scaled back as follows: Instead of sliding doors and a balcony, the property owners propose a transom window across the top of three windows. Total proposed window dimensions, including the transom window, are 70” tall and 91” wide.  Though the brand has not been selected, the windows will be double hung, 6/6, and within HDC regulation guidelines.  This façade of the barn faces west and is not in direct public view. Erin Hammerstedt noted that HHI almost didn’t review the window proposal as it’s only visible if the vegetation is gone. HHI approved the 6/6 design with transom but did not focus on trim profiles or other details.

Rex Baker asked about the scale of the windows, given the 2nd story location, and whether there was a code requirement for safe egress and window height. The applicant noted this was not a bedroom and thus not subject to the same egress regulations and that the window height from the floor would satisfy code.

Abutter Jon Richardson asked about a plan for vegetation to replace the existing buffer along the property line.  HDC members noted that its regulations, while they recommend buffers for privacy, do not require them.

Motion: Kathy Scott moved to accept the modification to the Garlands’ application for 3 double-hung windows with transom overhead, a total dimension of 70” high x 91” wide as submitted, pending code enforcement approval, with the window design to be in compliance with HDC guidelines. Doug Walker seconded. All voted in favor.

HDC Code of Conduct – As part of the Town’s application to the NH Division for Historical Resources for Certified Local Government (CLG) Status, the HDC reviewed and voted to approve a Code of Conduct, The code is adapted from NHDHR’s Code. Noel Greiner moved to accept. Kathy Scott seconded. All voted in favor.

New business – Doug Walker, who is phasing out of the HDC, recommended that member Kully Mindemann take over his responsibilities as application reviewer. Mr. Walker will work with Mr. Mindemann to gradually hand over the duties.  Members voted unanimously in favor.

The meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.