Harrisville Conservation Commission
Wednesday, October 5, 2022, 7:00 PM at town offices

Zoom link to HCC

1.  Agenda & Minutes – Review / approve
2.  Invasive land plants
*   Japanese Knotweed

i.      Bees & Beekeepers invited to join the discussion

*   Deb Abbott, Steve Weber, Ray Bollerud, Suzanne Brouillette

ii.      Alternative removal measures & test sites

iii.      NH DOT – right-of-way invasive management on state roads

*   Other invasives of concern –

i.      Buckthorn

ii.      Bittersweet

iii.      Autumn Olive

iv.      Tall grasses in wetland halfway between Chesham and Harrisville

3.  Rain Garden Signage
*   Review revised sign text – Don, Les, Ralph drafts

4.  Recent Shoreland Permits (no wetland permits)
*   KATHERINE N. LUCE : 49 East Side Road, Harrisville, Shoreland PBN
*   Akhil Garland : 9B Island St, Harrisville, Shoreland – technical review

i.      Build new wall with granite stones on Harrisville Pond.

ii.      Restore existing beach – opportunity for stepped beach?

iii.      Driveway expansion – pervious drive plans

5.  Reports on actions of other town committees and environmental groups
*   Selectboard
*   Planning Board
*   Zoning Board of Adjustment
*   Historic District Commission
*   Trails
*   Historic Harrisville
*   Community Power

6.  Other business