Planning Board
Wednesday, August 10, 2022
Meeting Minutes

The Harrisville Planning Board held a regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, August 10,  2022 at town offices and via zoom.

Members present: Ryan Stone, Co-Chair; Lisa Anderson, Co-Chair; Jon Miner; Courtney Cox; Ned Hulbert; Don Scott; Andrea Hodson, SB Representative; Kathy Scott, SB Alternate Representative. Members absent: Pete Thayer; Kate Neary
Attendees: Carol Ogilvie; Mary Day Mordecai, Transportation Committee.

The meeting opened at 7:05 pm.

Voting members – Mr. Stone noted that the voting members for the evening were Lisa Anderson, Courtney Cox, Andrea Hodson, Ned Hulbert and himself.

Approval of agenda – With the addition of two items, PB appreciation lunch and Stone Subdivision follow-up, members voted in favor to approve the agenda.

Minutes of July 8, 2022– Ryan Stone noted a correction to the attendance at the July 8 meeting. Andrew Scanlan was not present. Meghan Killilea and Matt Wayland were. As amended, members approved the minutes.

Transportation Committee update  – As part of her quarterly update to the PB, Mary Day Mordecai shared the following developments from the Transportation Committee:

  • 2020 MAST grant – As part of the follow up to the installation of the two speed radar signs and trail signage and completion of the trail map, the TC is collecting, via online survey, input from people in town on the effectiveness of the projects. Survey data also was collected at the 150th. Southwest Region Planning is conducting a follow-up speed study in the area of both radar signs.
  • 2021 MAST grant – The TC faces potential challenges with solar accessibility for the Wells Memorial school zone speed radar signs. They met with the DOT to get input and are still working on it.
  • The TC presented at the MAST annual meeting a few weeks ago. Harrisville was encouraged to apply for another grant but the TC has decided to wait for future projects.
  • The TC shared a booth with the Trails Committee at the 150 They got valuable feedback and offers for volunteering.
  • Speed on Chesham Road – The TC is consulting with the Select Board on how best to work with the DOT on speed concerns along Chesham Road. SWRPC also has helpful information to share.
  • The TC minutes are posted on the website. Ms. Mordecai shared a short description of the TC for PB review and suggested it be added to the existing Transportation Committee section on the PB webpage. She will revise it to incorporate information about the Complete Streets Resolution adopted by the SB several years ago.

Master Plan ReView Steering Committee – Update
Lisa Anderson shared the 3-fold flyer created by the Steering Committee as an effort to recruit community volunteers to the Master Plan synthesis project. The ReView Committee continues its work of synthesizing each topic or section of the Master Plan into a one page, reader friendly summary. The flyers will be distributed around town and electronically.

Two sections already have been synthesized. PM members volunteered as follows to spearhead subcommittee synthesis work:  Andrea Hodson for Infrastructure and Energy, and for Economic Development; Jon Miner for Agriculture and Local Food Supply; Ned Hulbert for Housing; Don Scott and Mary Ann Noyer for Land Use; Don Scott for Water Protection and Management; and the Steering Committee for the Vision Statement.

The PB noted that Education is already under way and that Recreation and Historic Preservation have been completed, as has Regional Cooperation and Governance. For Transportation, the Steering Committee will reach out to Mary Day Mordecai for her assistance recruiting a volunteer.

Once snapshots/synopsis are created and reviewed by the PB, the PB will have the information to assess where the town stands in relation to the existing Master Plan of 2014 and what is needed for the future. Members further discussed what synthesis format would work best. If subcommittees would prefer a kick-off meeting with the Steering Committee, one can be scheduled.

Stone Subdivision Follow-up – The board noted that the Notice of Decision was issued, and the mylar and recording fees were submitted by the applicant. Both documents will be taken to the Registry by Peter Thayer.

Educational opportunities and updates – The board reviewed the summary of changes for planning and zoning boards as a result of HB 1661. These relate to member training, application review timetables, posting of fees and documenting decision making, among other requirements under the RSAs.

Regarding the CIP, or Capital Improvement Plan, the SB will add this to a September meeting agenda. While the PB has some authority over it, the SB has mostly taken responsibility for this in previous years.

The board requested that links to educational resources and training be added to the PB page of the website. The Recording Secretary will post these.

New Business
The Co-Chairs noted that Cardinal Surveying dropped off an application for a two-lot subdivision on Katy Lane. The board acknowledged receipt of the application. Two members will review it for completeness and notify the applicant within 7 days if additional information is needed.

Electric Aggregation Committee update – With the PUC having recently dropped its rules, Andrea Hodson explained that the EAC needs to revise the Community Power Plan in the areas of how customer data and net metering are handled. The revised plan will require a SB vote but not a vote at Town Meeting, and will be shared when the PUC approves it. The EAC is waiting on the PUC’s approval of the Lebanon plan.

The board asked about the appropriateness of a member of a committee, in this case the EAC, voting on a plan that that the member helped create. The board discussed and the SB representative noted she will ask town counsel for feedback on this.

PB Calendar
PB annual appreciation brunch – Ned Hulbert requested a mutually agreeable date for all to gather, possibly the 1st or 2nd Saturday of October.

Nonpublic meeting – The PB will hold nonpublic meeting for internal board work on Tuesday, September 6, at 7:30 pm at town offices.

The next regular PB Meeting is Wednesday, September 14, at 7:00 pm.

The meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm.