Harrisville Conservation Commission
Wednesday, August 3, 2022
Meeting Minutes

The Harrisville Conservation Commission held a regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, August 3, 2022 at town offices.

HCC members: Harry Wolhandler, Kathy Scott, Les LaMois, Don Scott, and Ralph Zingaro
Absent: Diana Shonk
Members of the Public: Winston Sims

Agenda and minutes of previous meeting, 6/1/2022- All approved the agenda and the minutes of the June meeting.

Approval of invoice – Members unanimously approved the invoice from the 150th Committee in the amount of $25 for the Conservation Commission booth at the 150th celebration.

Japanese Knotweed – Kathy Scott shared an article in Shopper News about knotweed, the prevalence of the invasive species, and suggestions for treatment. Members discussed possible trial spots for treatment, away from lakes or ponds and reiterated the goal of gathering stakeholders to discuss a strategy.  Ralph Zingaro recommended trying a less toxic solution than glyphosate. Applied on a hot day, the less toxic version is very effective. Mr. Zingaro will lead the effort to discuss treatment and management of knotweed along the Chesham Depot trail and will contact area property owners for their input. The HCC also discussed prevalence of bittersweet, and Winston Sims added autumn olive as another invasive to monitor.

Signage for boat ramp – Members reviewed cost estimates for the rain garden educational signage and considered the best materials for waterproofing. Plastic woodboard was noted to be less expensive. The HCC heard input from Roy Ayotte and Pam Wilder about durability of materials and print and images. Members also reviewed content for each panel, with members suggesting less verbiage and more graphics to make it more reader-friendly. Members will email the Chair with their suggested edits.

Shoreland permits – Members discussed several DES Permits by Notification going back to May, issued to lakeside property owners. No concerns were raised.

Reports on actions of other committees
SB/Fireworks – Kathy Scott asked HCC members about any interest in getting involved in the ongoing discussion about fireworks, noting concerns have been raised about debris affecting water quality and falling on adjacent property and noise affecting wildlife and pets. The Select Board would like to explore other options for celebrations in the future.

Mr. Zingaro raised the point that damage from fireworks is negligible compared to that of septic systems, though septic technology has come a long way. The HCC recommended that the SB set up a committee to explore the topic and that the HCC offer input rather than take the lead.

Planning Board – The PB approved the proposed subdivision on Blood Hill, a Class VI road. The PB review included discussion of the condition of the road and lack of concern of emergency services officials.

ZBA – A property owner on Harrisville Pond seeks approval for a woodshed within the 75’ lakeside setback. The ZBA will consider the application for a special exception on August 17.

HDC – The owner of 9 Island Street has requested approval for modifications to the main house and barn. The HDC meets August 23.

HHI – The General Store announced the departure of chef and manager Samantha Rule. The plan is to continue operations as normal.

Community Dinner – Kathy Scott noted that a community dinner is planned for July of 2023. Location TBD.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.