Transportation Committee (TC) meeting minutes, June 21, 2022

Present: Mary Day Mordecai (chair), Barbara Watkins, Earl Horn, Erin Hammerstedt, Ned Hulbert, Alison Weber. 

Next Meeting:  Wednesday, July 27, 2022.   8:30-9:30 am 

Recent Updates:

  • JB Mack complimented Harrisville on its recent MAST grant successes (at a recent Community Power meeting). JB encouraged the TC to consider applying for another grant this year.
  • Mary Day sent minutes to Mary Ann to be posted on town website.
  • TC description is still waiting for approval from the PB before it can be posted on the website.

Current School Radar status:

  • Earl confirmed first shipment’s arrival. Jeff Cady has noted that the final shipment of radars has arrived.
  • Earl and Ned will confirm that everything has arrived.
  • Jeff is in charge of coordinating with EZ-Crete and Wes and of construction before school starts.

Status of School Radars and MAST grant:

  • School speed Test by SWRPC has been done (late May-early June.)
  • MAST Grant: Henry said a second survey should be done with parents at Wells Memorial School. Alison can coordinate with new Principal this summer.

Updates on Radar on Route 137

  • Earl reported that radar on Route 137 is now getting data from Cloud. He fixed issue with vendor.

Radar Data Collection in absence of Town Police Chief

  • Earl will propose content of radar reports from previous quarter at July TC meeting, for sharing with the Planning Board and Select Board.

 Updates on evaluation and education for first MAST 2020 grant

  • We are holding conversations with event location owners. Mary Day has not yet produced small document for venue owners – she will do by July TC meeting.
  • Erin got feedback from one event site owner: best way to communicate with guests is to share trail maps (unsure if feasible to TC). Safe driving card may not be useful.  Put safety rules at bottom of map. Anyone can buy trail maps. Other venues noted that Harrisville driving tips could be included in their emailed info to guests.  TC may want to ask each venue to put a two-sentence statement about Harrisville roads for venue owners to communicate online, etc.

Ideas for TC – Trails Booth for 150th on Saturday, July 23

– Set-up at 7 a.m.  Booth open from 9:30 am – 3:30 pm

– Mary Day will supply a tent for booth.

– Have Trail Maps to sell/hand-out?

– Signs (Slow Down, You Move Too Fast; We Now have a School Speed Zone)

– Flip Chart stands and easels will be created with crucial info about trails, radars and school speed zone.

– Erin will request that our booth be near HHI’s booth.  Booth fee of $25 can come from PB budget.

– Copies of paper survey for those who’ve not yet completed it online (to start July 1). Erin will take feedback and make changes – and email copies to TC members this week.

– Mary Day and Earl responsible to work with Erin on finalizing surveys by July 1

– Survey card links will also be available at booth, General Store, PO, Library in advance

– Management of Booth: Trails Table: Barbara there most of day.  TC Table: Mary Day there all day.

– Preparation for the 150th will require lots of coordination by phone and email between now and the event.