MINUTES 6/9/2022

  • Welcome & Housekeeping issues
    • In attendance Mary Ann Noyer, Jeff Cady, Pegg Monahan
    • Excused Brian Tarr
    • Next meeting 7/14/2022 at 10 AM at the Town Office building
    • Time was spent with Pegg who is now the SB Representative to the Committee orienting her to the workings of the committee
  • Review of previous minutes
    • Minutes of 2/10/2022 reviewed and agreed to with no changes
  • Review of incidents over period
    • There were no injuries, near misses or incidents reported during the period
    • An environmental issue around something similar to petrochemical like odors in the drinking water delivered to the Town Offices and Fire station which share the same well as a water source. At the same point in time, it was observed that there was evidence of a spill of diesel fuel at the emergency generator located roughly 30 feet away from the well. After involvement with the State Department of Environmental Services, a well contractor, generator service subject matter experts, water testing labs and the Town Health Officer, local contractor, and Emergency Manager in summary of the determination following here. It appears that the problem with the well was not associated with the generator issue. The well was tested, as was the soil remaining around the generator. Trace amounts of different chemicals were identified but nothing above any action level or reportable quantities. Currently the Health officer has initiated regular water sampling action and the Emergency Manager arranging proper disposal of soils removed from the area as part of the process. Water sampling results are available at the town hall for review.
  • Communication to Town employees

Committee and Audit information being added to web site as available

  • Audit Schedule
    • 6/23/2022 Town Office and Fire Station     9 AM
    • 7/07/2022 New Highway Barn                    9 AM
    • 7/28/2022 Recycle Center                         9 AM
    • 8/04/2022 Old Highway Barn and PD          9 AM
    • 8/11/2022 Library and Old Fire Station       9AM
  • Schedule for 2022, meetings and audits was accepted and agreed upon and will be posted on the EM & Safety Link
  • Pegg voiced concern around people jumping into the water off the bridge in the center of town as well as posting thin ice signs on Town bodies of water. Discussed and feeling was this was outside the scope of the committee, recommended she bring up before the Select Board. Mary Ann brought up citizen concerns over the condition of the access ramp into the Town Office. Jeff will meet with the individual.